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Bring on Da Funk
By Matt Crawford (Aug 04, 2009)
Funk is alive and well with Dam Funk, a L.A. cat who got his music industry chops in the 90s working with artists in the then-thriving G funk scene. Now solo, the keyboardist is putting his own stamp on funk with breezy, electric instrumentals tailor made for the Bay Areaís Indian summers. Dam Funk returns to San Francisco for a set of original material and classic funk at Poleng Lounge on September 11th. He spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from L.A. More »
Unusual & Unexpected
By Matt Crawford (Jul 21, 2009)
Mewís brand of rock, with its multiple layers, time changes and unconventional arrangements, is hard to categorize. Perhaps thatís why the Danish band found it hard to name its fifth album with a simple word or phrase. The group returns to the U.S. on the eve of the release of [b]No more stories, are told today, Iím sorry, they washed away, No more stories, the world is grey, Iím tired, Letís wash away[/b] for a string of solo gigs and dates opening for unlikely bedfellows Nine Inch Nails. See Mew in San Francisco at The Independent on September 4th. Jonas Bjerre (vocals/guitar) spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from Copenhagen. More »
The Best of the Fest
By Matt Crawford (Jul 14, 2009)
After a brief scramble following the cancellation of the Beastie Boysí headlining appearance, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival planners are making final preparations for the three-day event, which starts August 28th. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band and Tenacious D anchor the concert each night, respectively, while a far-reaching mix of acts fill the bill each day. In addition, associated night shows are planned at local venues, and a new tent on festival grounds hosted by local theatrical-circus group Vau de Vire Society that will feature a variety of music acts and other attractions. SF Stationís top picks for the festival are below: More »
The Icing on the Cake
By Matt Crawford (Jul 06, 2009)
The buzz surrounding Love is Chemicals has settled to a din lately, but the San Francisco band recently reached two major milestones. A year after the band self-released its sophomore album, [b]Song of the Summer Youth Brigade[/b] was re-released by SF-based label Three Ring Records. It also recently completed its most extensive tour to date -- a weeklong trek around the Pacific Northwest. But don't expect any great changes with the group. Nate Grover (vocals/guitar) is content juggling band duties and his multiple day jobs. He spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from his cubicle during a break. Love is Chemicals performs at Bottom More »
Out of this World
By Matt Crawford (Jun 30, 2009)
With the 40th anniversary of the moon landing just weeks behind us, San Francisco gets a landing of its own when production duo N.A.S.A. touches down with its Intergalactic Circus tour on August 15th at The Independent. The groupís debut LP [b]The Spirit of Apollo[/b] was released earlier this year with a star-filled list of guest appearances, including David Byrne, Karen O, the late Olí Dirty Bastard, Santigold and several others. SF Station caught up with Squeak E. Clean, who forms N.A.S.A. with DJ Zegon, during a phone interview before a recent show in Berlin. More »
An Emotional Journey
By Matt Crawford (Jun 24, 2009)
For Jesy Fortino, touring solo as Tiny Vipers is a sometimes-tedious job. The singer-songwriter, whose arrangements are composed of minimalist acoustic guitar arpeggios topped with somber vocals, pours deeply personal thoughts into her songs. To share them with an audience on an almost nightly basis can be unnerving and disheartening at times, she said during a phone interview from the road outside of Salt Lake City. Her latest Album, [b]Life on Earth[/b], was released by Sub Pop this month. Tiny Vipers performs at the Hemlock Tavern on July 28th and at the Stork Club in Oakland on July 29th. More »
Exploding from the Center
By Matt Crawford (Jun 17, 2009)
Simone Rubi is a citizen of the world, bouncing around Europe and North America over the last four years, gathering inspiration and borrowing musicians for Rubies, her folky synth-pop band with Terri Lowenthal and Nicolas Dobbratz. Rubi spoke with SF Station from Oakland, where she is living for six weeks this summer before spreading her wings and flying away again. The album, [b]Explode from the Center[/b], was officially released in June on iTunes and Rubies celebrated its debut in July. More »
10,000 Pound Turntables
By Matt Crawford (Jun 10, 2009)
Since scratching his way to the top of the competitive DJ circuit as a teenager in the mid-90s, A-Trak has rocked parties worldwide, created his own record label and served as Kanye Westís touring DJ. The DJ/producer, who is in the conceptual planning stages for his first album, stops in San Francisco on his 10,000 Pound Hamburger Tour on July 16th. He spoke with SF Station on a pit stop in Pensacola, FL during a drive from Miami to Austin. More »
Legally Blonde
By Matt Crawford (Jun 02, 2009)
Itís a little daunting stepping into an interview with directions to not ask anything personal but, despite the caveat, Blonde Redheadís Kazu Makino remained warm and friendly and allowed for some minor prodding. The trio, rounded out with twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace, will take a break from working on new material for two performances in San Francisco on July 14th and 15th for the Bike Film Festival at The Independent. Makino spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from New York. More »
Another ĎAmazingí Band from Brooklyn
By Matt Crawford (May 26, 2009)
Brooklynís Amazing Baby has earned comparisons to their friends MGMT and Led Zeppelin with heavy rock songs that reach for psychedelic and mythical references without being overtly hippy. The group, in the midst of a tour opening for French buzz-band Phoenix, stops in San Francisco June 27th for a set at the Spectrum Festival at the Regency Ballroom before returning to San Francisco for the final installment of Popscene vs. Loaded at Rickshaw Stop on July 3rd. Guitarist Simon OíConnor spoke with SF Station from the streets of Kansas City, where he was in search of a pharmacy before Amazing Babyís show there. More »
Matt Crawford's Articles
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