skyparties presents

Marina Mardi Gras

at Circa

Tue Mar 8, 2011
9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
$12 - $20
City, Clubs, DJ's


Mardi Gras with a twist!
If you're a fan of Mardi Gras then you are familiar with the tradition of trading and collecting the best beads you can find. Skyparties adds a twist by offering prizes to the best collection at the end of the night. A free bottle with table service to the man with the most beads will be crowned the Mardi Gras King and free bottle with table service to the woman with the best collection who will be crowned Queen.
However, these can't be just any beads, they must be marked with the Skyparties logo. This prevents people from tilting the odds in their favor by bringing a ton of their own beads. Fair game for all!

More Skyparty beads can be caught by our beautiful Mardi Gras Go Go dancers throughout the night to increase your chances to win.

That doesn't mean all your other beads are worthless, you can still win the best overall bead contest by collecting other beads in the crowd. And a Skyparties event wouldn't be complete without announcing the best costume of the night. Each of these contests wins a free hurricane from the bar and two tickets to the next Skyparties event.

Bottle service to be redeemed at Circa on a future night.

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  1. CIRCA
    2001 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA