Lighthouse w/ Taylor Fife, Wentworth, King's Ransom, and Mountaincount

Fri Nov 30, 2012
Raven Bar & Lounge
10:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Dance, Electronic Music, Music


The Mother crew will be returning to Raven Bar & Lounge on the last day of November for another edition Lighthouse. Your selectors for the evening will be a marvelous quartet of scholarly gentlemen, namely, Taylor Fife, Wentworth, King's Ransom, and Mountaincount. The foursome will be bringing some serious autumn heat with four hours of serious tunage of the vaguely house variety. We'll be dropping deep cuts, disco bangers, acid madness, booty breaks, experimental beats, techno snacks dipped in electrofunk syrup, sultry samba, post-modern electronic dub punk, and whatever else we happen to come across in the meantime. Last time all y'all packed the Rave(n) loft, and we expect nothing less this time. Come and shake what your mommy and daddy gave you!

On to the party specs! As you're likely well aware, this event is 100% absolutely totally completely unquestionably irrevocably and in all other ways free of charge. Damn, what was that? Free. Yeah, free. And that's not all, we've set up three drink specials at the upstairs bar. For just $5 you can get yourself a Mike's Madras, SF Bay Breeze, or a Raspberry Swayze. All these drinks are made with flavored Absolut Vodka, so if you drink more than five, you might just find out what it's like to be a club slut! If you happen to be a fancy pants yuppie-hipster-type, you can check out the downstairs bar, where they've got themselves a menu chock full of craft cocktails with names like "Herbal Remedy," "Winter Kiss," "Vampire Slayer," and "Bitter Love." Sounds delicious!

Wanna hear some of the shit we like to play? Check out our SoundCloud pages below, or give us a call and we'll do a live mix into the telephone!

See ya on the dancefloor!

Raven Bar & Lounge
1151 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California 94103


  1. Raven Bar & Lounge
    1151 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA