Judith & Holofernes, Jeffrey Luck Lucas

Thu Dec 22, 2005
Hemlock Tavern
9:30 PM
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Fado used to exist as a major outlet for protest. So it eventually came to pass that, upon writing new material, fado musicians (fadistas) were required to submit their lyrics to the censors for approval before the songs could be performed. To continue the life of fado without resorting to soul-damaging compromise, fadistas began writing two sets of lyrics for every song: one to appease the state and the other to be sung among
sympathetic audiences.

We won't waste any space trying to explain the relevance of these circumstances to the current state of things because, if you've made it this far, you already know.

Judith and Holofernes is Mark (bass), Stitches (6-string guitar), and Dos (12-string guitarra and vocals) with additional vocal contributions from Suzie-Q and Tracy. The music that they play is best described as "Fado Core," a mix of indie rock and a particular style of Portuguese folk music (fado) known for its obsession with anguish, longing, and the bittersweet
twists of everyday life.


  1. Hemlock Tavern
    1131 Polk St, San Francisco, CA