Javier's Tile

San Jose, South Bay , CA


Skilled Craftsman for Quality Installation
A skilled craftsman, with many years of experience. Ensure quality, beauty and performance for years to come.

Wake Up Happy!
Let Javier's Tile help you start your day right creating a beautiful bathroom-from a classic bungalow style to the latest spa environment. And don't forget the floor heat!

Kitchen Creations-Yours & Ours!
Want to show off your home's kitchen? Let us help with fantastic finishes including granite, glass & metal...

Stunning Fireplaces!
Allow us to showcase your home's personality-from casual to contemporary to elegant. We can do it!

Special Projects-
Steam Showers, Decks, Roman Tubs-all require experience. Javier's Tile has that experience. Hire the best, we don't cut corners....we do it Right!