Japanther, Eats Tapes

Tue Nov 29, 2005
Hemlock Tavern
9:30 PM
Music, Rock
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Matt Reilly (Japanther) had this to say:
"Do what you feel!" is a slogan practiced widely in New York. In a city that is constanty reinventing new levels of do what you feel, we asked ourselves where our place was, or could be. Aware of what was going on in our society Japanther decided to take it upon themselves to dictate how people percieved them. With much falter Japanther has tried to do what they felt and hopefully it was right thing.To effect people in a positive way is one goal. To show people that if you have an idea and stick to it there are no real boundaries. We built a house from cardboard and bubblegum and have just been tryin to keep the roof from caving in.


  1. Hemlock Tavern
    1131 Polk St, San Francisco, CA