J. Tillman

with The Moore Brothers and Pearly Gate Music

Sun Aug 23, 2009
Cafe du Nord
$11 - $13
Blues, Music
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Vacilando Territory Blues, came as the result of three different recording attempts in 2008, in which entire sessions were scrapped, and ultimately the majority of the final material would surface and be recorded days before mastering. The push and pull of this record veers sharply from the tone of Tillman's previous releases, which for the most part, adhere to a singular mood and stylistic execution. The tension dynamically between songs like "Firstborn" and "New Imperial Grand Blues" is hard to reconcile, but the way the songs are framed herein belies a cohesion not dissimilar to classic oddball albums such as After The Goldrush. Sacrificing a stylized album, the breadth of Tillman's abilities as a songwriter emerge on VTB in an array of musical personalities bound by his lyrical existential dread and economical arrangements.


  1. Cafe du Nord
    2174 Market St, San Francisco, CA