ISIS & Public Works Present: KiNK LIVE (Bulgaria)

Fri Apr 11, 2014
Public Works
9:30pm - 3:30am
$10 - $15
Clubs, DJ's


ISIS & Public Works Present:

KiNK (Rush Hour/Liebe*Detail/Ovum)
voted #3 Live Act in the world on Resident Advisor 2013 poll

+ Matrixxman (so wavey/spectral)

+ Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem)

+ Hi, Today

+ Hosted by Brittany B (High Fantasy)

Isis- moving to the main room for this one!
Funktion One sound

KiNK has become one of house music’s most in demand producers and remixers: his tracks easily stand out in any club night and they are second to none in the most competitive environment electronic music has ever seen. His abilities in finding the ‘sweet spot’ of new machines, or even of sounds considered ‘classic’ and to reshape them into totally different beasts would be wholly enough to justify the phenomenon. Yet this barely touches the surface of the story.

Arguably the world of dance music has not witnessed anyone else rising from bottom to top so clearly just by the centrifugal force of sheer talent. Being based in Sofia, Bulgaria, without a support network, a campaign or any media hype, his music alone – live and in the studio – created a momentum whose end we have yet to see.

Having met Neville Watson over the internet, he first gained recognition with the duo’s collaborative releases on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour. “Inside Out” and “Full Flight” were huge records in 2008 already, but it was an unassuming video of KiNK tweaking a drum machine at home that landed him a gig at Berlin’s ever emblematic Panorama Bar. This also hints at what set him on a trail of live sets right up to #3 on Resident Advisor’s poll in 2013 – the second consecutive year he entered the top 5. By today, he has played the world several times over.

Thus, KiNK’s live sets are the key to understanding how he creates unparalleled enthusiasm on stage and through his studio output. By now, a guy with a laptop has become the most common sight in a club. Yet the visual discrepancy between the dynamics of sound and the statics of a mouse click has driven most ambitious live acts to sideshow tricks: visuals, LED screens, compensatory dancing – smoke and mirrors. By contrast, KiNK’s live sets simply take the hood off – strictly in terms of sound. A small set up of machines and controllers, where every knob turned produces an audible result. The energy shift happening right when he enters the stage is strikingly obvious. Often he will pass a machine to the audience and incorporate their input in real time. This happens at mind-boggling speed – hyperactive, yet holding down grooves to kill for. KiNK’s ability to nail smash beats on the fly, well visibly and audibly, that most people couldn’t program in weeks of studio work – this ‘credibility of sound’ right where it matters is what sparks the love everywhere he visits.

Matrixxman bio

In the Cartesian view of identity, the body is a container for our mind, personality and ultimately our soul. But what happens when technology allows us to transcend the limitations of physical reality as we know it? In a post-corporeal life, our bodies may no longer be confined to the rather cumbersome form of a human but instead a vast digital network. Matrixxman just so happens to be an inhabitant of such an environment. When he is not busy spawning a myriad of artificial intelligence entities and endless virtual worlds within worlds, he also enjoys composing music. The essence of which is crafting new interpretations of something straddling the grey area between classic Chicago house and Detroit techno. “Resurgent techno atavism” as he prefers to call it.

In 2013, Matrixxman’s debut EP “The XX Files” received critical acclaim, garnering praise from the likes of The Fader, Pitchfork, XLR8R and Fact Magazine. His relentless rhythm track “Protocol” has been supported and played by a who’s who of dope underground elite including Levon Vincent, Jimmy Edgar, Jeff Mills, San Soda, Boddika, Pfirter, Danny Daze and Dubfire. Meanwhile on the house side of things, various tunes of his have been rinsed by tastemakers such as Larry Heard, HNNY, Huerco S, Seth Troxler, and Damian Lazarus… to name a few. Endeavoring to construct “the most futuristic shit ever” with just a year under his belt, Matrixxman is a name that will be known for years to come.

A word from Isis:
Follow my guiding light to the house that house music built. Gather at my throne and then tear it down to build a discotheque in my likeness. You will find that I am the bass throbbing between your legs on the dance-floor, the nipple hardening melody of your favorite disco song. Take a peek through my all seeing eye and see yourself whole. You will find that you begin where the dance-floor never ends. You will find the comfort of my ample bosom in the hearts of your brothers’ and sisters’ writhing souls. Share with each other the magic of music and drink together from my bottomless cup of mystery. I will dwell in the droplets of sweat that fly off of your pulsating bodies. I will live in the power of your collective touch and luxuriate in your most primal urges. I am a goddess, the go-to protective force for the black sheep of the city—the trendsetters too fierce for the Castro and too hip for the Mission. Saint or sinner, monarch or minion, I am your most fervent friend and your closest confidant. Protector of the polysexual, bastion of black sheep, defender of the downtrodden, I am yours.

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