The 15th Annual

How Weird in Outer Space

Sun May 4
Howard & 2nd Streets
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What does it cost?

How Weird asks for a $10 donation, to help pay for the faire and keep it going. And in return you get a coveted Magic Sticker.

Join us on Sunday April 28th as we usher in the San Francisco festival season with dancing, costumes, parades, marching bands, and more at the greatest street faire in the galaxy. It will be the most colorful spectacle of music, art, and motion you’ve ever seen downtown.

The How Weird Street Faire is participating in National Dance Week
this year. As a part of the festivities, there will be a special flash mob
at the brand new Marching Band Stage next to the center intersection.
It starts at 4pm. More details coming soon!

To celebrate Weirdi Gras, there will be 5 great marching bands at the faire, including Blue Bone Express, Loyd Family Players, North Beach Brass Band, TrashKan Marchink Band, and Fanfare Zambaleta. They will be parading throughout the day and performing at the Marching Band Stage. Join them as they travel the realms of How Weird, and engage in next level weirdness.

Join in the fun with your own parade!

The How Weird Street Faire is a world-class music festival that takes place in the streets of downtown San Francisco, featuring a wide range of electronic dance music. There will be 10 stages of amazing music, art, and sound systems from Symbiosis, Muti Music, Groove Garden, Enchanted Forest, Opel, Opulent Temple, Pink Mammoth, SF House Music, Temple Nightclub, SWAG, Pulse SF, Space Shaping, PK Sound, The Boombox Affair, Party Babas, Red Marines, Psycircle, Happy Camp, and more.

This year, instead of stickers there will be Magic Beads,
a collectible Weirdi Gras beaded necklace for only $10.



  1. Howard & 2nd Streets
    600 Howard St., San Francisco, CA