Holiday Dining with guest chef Aida Mollenkamp

Sat Dec 15, 2012
The Bold Italic
7:00 pm
$125 - $150
Food & Drink, Food Services


We love December for all the good eatin’ it entails. Between the holiday meals and the folks coming in town to celebrate with us, there are plenty of excuses for sitting around the dinner table together, breaking bread and sharing stories over tasty home-cooked food.

We’re partnering with Stag Dining Group for something extra cozy this feasting season. Together we’re offering a five-course fine dining experience where you’ll come away with more than a full belly and new buddies – you’ll also leave with useful tips for your own holiday meals, thanks to our special guest, writer/chef Aida Mollenkamp.

Aida is a beloved local food expert whose name you might recognize from her stint as a food editor at or her popular shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Or perhaps you’ve used one of the 1,000 original recipes she’s added to her site. She recently published an essential food lovers' reference guide and recipe book for Chronicle Books, Keys to the Kitchen, which we're totally using as our secret weapon every time we entertain.

She’s collaborated with the Stags to craft a dream holiday menu riffing off her cookbook, and she’ll be speaking between courses as well, offering select tips and tidbits.

Please join us on Saturday, Dec. 15 at a clandestine location in the Mission where we’ll celebrate Aida Mollenkamp and the joy of holiday cooking.


Roasted Beet Salad/ endive, caraway buttermilk dressing, fennel, pepitas

Caramelized Fennel Tarte Tatin/ mascarpone, smoked salmon, dried caper

Faux Pho/ brisket, Thai basil, mint, beef ball, mung bean

Balsamic Caramel Chicken/ roasted eggplant, trumpet mushroom, panisse

Shortcake/ citrus relish, orange flower chantilly, almond


$125 dinner, which includes champagne from Moët & Chandon and wine pairings from Green Barrel, a local boutique wine on tap in stylish counter-top wine barrels, plus a goodie bag from Chronicle Books, The Bold Italic, and local makers.

$150 all of the above + a signed copy of Keys to the Kitchen

All guest must be 21+. We cannot give refunds on tickets.


  1. The Bold Italic
    34 Page Street, San Francisco, CA