Killing My Lobster Presents...

Holds the Mayo

Thu Sep 16, 2010 - Sun Oct 3, 2010
Multiple locations
$10 - $20


KML co-founder Paul Charney returns to the group to conceive and direct this full-length sketch comedy show all about food. A buffet of funny, KML Holds the Mayo pokes fun at locavores, omnivores, and everything in between – all the personalities and peculiarities of our food-obsessed culture. Place the napkin gently in your lap and prepare for a gracious helping of all things food & foodies in San Francisco.

Starring: Andy Alabran, Ashkon Davaran, Ally Johnson, Allison Page, Leslie Waggoner, & Danny Webber

Written by: Andy Alabran, Damon Brennen, Janne Campbell, Ken Grobe, Stephen Kalmakis, Steve Nathans, Annie O'Rourke, Chris Parisi, Andy Sciamanna, Jon Wolanske


Zeum Theater
221 4th St.
San Francisco, CA
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Killing My Lobster
2101 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA
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  1. Zeum Theater
    221 4th St., San Francisco, CA
  2. Killing My Lobster
    2101 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA