High on Fire

Sun Feb 13, 2011
$20 - $30
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San Jose's Sleep set the bar for stoner rock with hallucinogenic doom metal so sludgy it sometimes out-Sabbathed Sabbath. Between their break-up in the 90s and their brief, sold-out reunion gigs this year, the band became a legend. A key piece of Sleep lore had them melting the brains of record execs, who in 1995 refused to release their third album, Dopesmoker, because it was one hour-long song. Under the pressure of endless label blowback, the band split into Om and High on Fire. But the interesting thing is that HOF turned out to be a better band than Sleepóway hookier and even harder. If Slayer were to suddenly be banished to hell for their crimes against all that is holy (and, people, you know it's coming), High on Fire would be the best metal band left standing. Plus, it gives Matt Pike an excuse to take off this shirtóall the time. They just got back from touring the world and after playing Santa Cruz Thursday and then spending New Year's Eve with their San Jose fans, they're off to Australia for the Soundwave Festival. - Steve Palopoli san jose.com



  1. Slim's
    333 11th Street, San Francisco, CA