He's My Brother She's My Sister

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He's My Brother She's My Sister
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister are crafting music that is multi-genre; part glam folk, garage country, cabaret blue and cirque rock. To say that they’re energetic only scratches the surface of their live performances. They are truly a “harmonic convergence of melody” with brother/sister vocals, a tap dancing drummer, always moving bass lines and slide guitar woven throughout like lightening that joins the earth and the sky.

Kera & The Lesbians
Kera and the Lesbians, hailing from San Diego and currently residing in Los Angeles, lovingly refer to their musical style as 'bipolar folk'. Bipolar in the sense that in one song drummer Michael will pound his drums, expelling his demons with sheer force, while Kera croons and screams and serenades, enchanting all within earshot. Eamon's guitar playing is reminiscent of sleepy desert afternoons, spent on porches accompanied by the smell of leather and aging wood, while Phil's bass lines get the crowd moving and grooving. The lyrics more literally embody the band's polarity, telling tales of anxiety, friendship, insanity and ill-fated love, from Kera's very unique point of view.
This is a band to see live. Kera's passion is tangible, at times bringing the crowd to tears, but most consistently keeping a dancing crowd completely enraptured, hanging onto every word her very expressive being has to sing. She brings heaps of charm to the set, with her joking between songs and her Elvis-like dance moves, it's obvious that she and the whole band live for this. Their range has allowed them to perform with a diverse list of acts including Devendra Banhart, Best Coast, and Crystal Castles.
The band has a definite DIY work ethic, having self released two EPs, and their first debut "YEAR 23" released on Lolipop Records. They also do their own booking and artwork internally. Their newest release "Year 23"' is a manic story covering one of Kera's most aggravating habits and instilling in the listener a mounting feeling of tension that it mercifully relieves, while still giving a taste of the madness of obsession.

Black Hole Oscillators
Black Hole Oscillation, Levitation & Creation Epics: Soon after time had chances to cool, the oscillations began to begin purposely emitting hyper vigilant and coherent soundscapes perpetuating the gravitational-magnetic-electric/atom/molecule multidimensional universe as we appear to have come to understand it. Black Hole Oscillators are the attempt at a fluid transitional language that is anticipated to bring about the greater connections with the original [Hyper Dimensional] object. We invite you to listen and contribute to this paradigm shift that we BHO's refer to as the 'LOVE Compass'.


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