XLR8R, Popscene and MEZZANINE present


+ Honey Soundsystem, Steve Summers Live Analog Set, DJ Omar, Host Chris McVick

Sat Jul 26, 2008
9pm - afterhours
$16 - $20
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Come over to Mezzanine and see Hercules and Love Affair performing their first Bay Area Live Performance!

Hercules and Love Affair possess the elements of super stardom with their debut album. Pitchfork states simply, “Hercules and Love Affair is a phenomenal album, one destined to save disco not from it’s detractors but rather from those fans and revivalists who would calcify the music as a set of tropes and reference points. Lush, melancholic, gregarious, generous, both precise and a little bit unhinged--this is the most original American dance album in a long while.”

The first single-off the album, “Blind” sets the tone for what some are already calling the best dance album of 2008. The track possesses elements of authentic vintage disco grooves with throw-backs to New York’s underground club days and tinges of house, a consistent them throughout the album. A motley ensemble, Hercules and Love Affair is infamous New York DJ Andy Butler (of DFA), Antony and the Johnson’s frontman Antony Hegarty (not touring on live show), gender-bending vocalist Nomi Ruiz, and Kim Ann Foxman plus tour drummer Guy Licata (also drummer for Santogold). Currently on tour in Europe, the San Francisco show will be one of their first full-blown live performances in the states (only playing New York’s Studio B in May).

Anyone who’s attended one of Honey Soundsystem's and host Chris Mcvick's parties knows this colorful bunch can throw-down big! Transforming ordinary spaces into playful dancefloor paradises with video installations,flashy décor, and performance, their anything goes vibe attracts a mixed crowd that can party with the best of them.

DJ Omar in full effect to get the party started.

This is one you're not going to want to miss, BE THERE!

$16 advance tickets at Urban Outfitters, Powell Street or the Mezzanine box office Wednesdays 11:00am-7:00pm

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  1. Mezzanine
    444 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA