Hemlock Tavern

1131 Polk St, San Francisco , CA
(415) 923-0923
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The Hemlock music/performance room is a physically separate and (more or less) soundproof space from the rest of the bar. While it's always free to get into the bar itself, there is almost always a cover charge to enter the music room. We'd describe it as "intimate". Or even "cozy". But certainly not "cavernous". Personally, we think it sounds great in there. Maybe even awesome, dude. Objectively, it's one of the best rooms in the city for experiencing live music. (www.hemlocktavern.com)


  • Jesy Fortino of Tiny Vipers

    An Emotional Journey
    07/24/2009 by Matt Crawford

    For Jesy Fortino, touring solo as Tiny Vipers is a sometimes-tedious job. The singer-songwriter, whose arrangements are composed of minimalist acoustic guitar arpeggios topped with somber vocals, pour...  More »

  • Get Down with Gold Chains

    12/23/2003 by Lisa Butterworth

    Gold Chains wants your booty. And he'll do just about anything to get it. On his recent full-length debut Young Miss America, the local rapper, along with production partner-in-crime Kit Clayton, lays...  More »

  • Cex

    Rising Son of IDM at the Hemlock Tavern
    07/03/2003 by Lisa Butterworth

    San Franciscans will be getting quite a bit more Cex from here on out. The 21-year-old critically acclaimed IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) prodigy and self-proclaimed "World Famous Retard" has fled his...  More »