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A Collaborative Art Show

Sat Dec 14, 2013
The Dog Patch Gallery
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San Francisco art collective Weeknight Rodeo is proud to present “Hearth,” a collaborative show paying homage to the hearth as the center and lifeblood of the home. Opening Saturday, December 14th from 5-8PM at the Dog Patch Gallery, “Hearth” will showcase sculptures, paintings, and installations re-examining the objects that make a house a home: the fireplace and mantelpiece, the off-kilter family portraits, and the knick-knacks and odds-and-ends that get left behind.

At its core, “Hearth” is an exploration of the link between object and memory. The seemingly forgettable thingamabobs that surround daily life are filled with traces of experience and memory; they are unique and irreplaceable. Artists Bonnie Cunningham, Jennifer Huang, Amber Imrie, Lauren Tarver, Adriana Villagran, and Lucy Wonsower create works that draw from personal narrative, reconstructed childhood memory, and the ever-present nostalgia for the sensation of being “at home.”

Come enjoy a warm, inviting art reception by the fireside this December 14th with live music by Owl Paws. For more information, contact [email protected]

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  1. The Dog Patch Gallery
    2295 3rd St , San Francisco, CA