Earlier. Safer. Saner.

Halloween in the Castro


Tue Oct 31, 2006
Castro District
7 pm - 11pm
City, Gay Festival, Music, Music Festival


The Facts About This Year’s Event

Earlier. Safer. Saner.

Halloween in the Castro 2006

The DATE of the celebration will be Halloween Night, October 31, Tuesday Night!

This is a year of transition for Halloween in the Castro. For this reason, we encourage individuals from outside San Francisco to make plans to attend clubs or entertainment venues in their areas.

For the past three years, the City has worked in partnership with the Castro neighborhood and community groups to plan a neighborhood event that seeks to be safe and fun.

Many positive changes have resulted, including:

· security gates staffed by San Francisco Sheriffs that screen for dangerous items

· a ban on on-street consumption of alcohol

· emergency access/fire lanes established by the San Francisco Fire Department

· coordinated efforts to provide Muni/BART access, Taxis stands and port-a-potties

· entertainment

Despite this progress, the event has grown beyond the scale of the Castro neighborhood – last year’s crowd was believed to be more than 250,000 people – presenting enormous public safety challenges.

Changes for this year’s Halloween in the Castro:

One goal is to scale back the attendance at this year’s event.

The City’s top priority is public safety and there will be a significantly increased presence of San Francisco Police, Firefighters, Sheriffs and Parking Control Officers. There is a security plan for both inside the venue and the surrounding neighborhoods where some individuals have been drunk and disorderly.

There will be zero tolerance for infractions of the law, including public intoxication. Violators will be subject to citation or taken into custody.

Illegally parked vehicles will be towed throughout the evening.

There will be one entertainment stage at 16th & Market Streets and it will close by 11:00 p.m. – again, for this reason we encourage individuals to plan on leaving the street party for a club, bar or other venue if you want to celebrate Halloween after 11:00 p.m.

Unlike recent years, the Castro Muni Station will be kept open and in operation to make it easier for individuals to arrive and leave the neighborhood.

· Vehicles will not be permitted past the points marked with "Do Not Enter" symbols.

· Residents who live within this area will be asked to provide identification proving their address in order to be allowed to drive in.

· Please remember that all illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed.

· Pedestrian entrances are marked with green symbols.

· No alcohol or weapons are permitted past these points.

· Sheriffs will be searching all attendees.

· Some streets - marked with red symbols - will be fenced off with no pedestrian entry here for either attendees or residents.

· Residents within the event perimeter will need to find an official gate (denoted with a green symbol) in order to enter.

· There will be an emergency medical station at the Chevron on 17th and Market.

MUNI Service on Halloween Night

All illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and towed. We encourage attendees to use public transit in order to avoid difficult traffic and parking situations.

Round-trip MUNI tickets will be sold for $2.50 at Civic Center, Van Ness, Church, and Castro Stations. Look for MUNI agents manning ticket tables at each station to buy a ticket. We highly encourage attendees to buy a round-trip ticket, as no change will be available in either Castro or Church Stations.

Both the Castro Street and Church Street MUNI Metro Stations will remain open. Those getting off at Castro Station to attend the event should exit to the right (North Side). To enter Castro Station to leave the event, please use the Harvey Milk Plaza entrance (South Side).

· MUNI Metro service will run on normal schedule until 9:30pm. After 9:30pm MUNI Metro will switch to a construction schedule, so expect less frequent trains.

· Additional buses will run between Downtown (Spear Street) and Church/Market from 6pm on, stopping aboveground at all MUNI Metro Stops. Between 6pm and 10pm buses will only carry passengers from Downtown to Church/Market. From 10pm on buses will only carry passengers from Church/Market to Downtown.

· We encourage attendees to use the buses from Church/Market to depart the event, as service will be faster and waits shorter than the MUNI Metro trains.

· Please refer to the attached document for more detailed information about MUNI service on Halloween night.


  1. Castro District
    Market & Castro Streets, San Francisco, CA