Great Eastern Restaurant

649 Jackson St, San Francisco , CA
(415) 986-2500
Fast Food, Restaurants
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We began with thin slices of raw geoduck clam on a bed of crushed ice served with a spicy soy dipping sauce. Parts of the clam deemed less than perfect to eat raw were battered and fried and brought to our table along with "Singapore style" noodles, a whole chicken with insanely crispy skin yet juicy meat (served with the head), bok choy, potstickers, and ribs. The star of the meal, however, may have been the duck soup with dumplings that was ladled for us tableside. The verdict: Great Eastern knows its way around a bird.

- Excerpt from Line Cooks and Late Night Eats by Kate Leahy


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    07/23/2004 by Kate Leahy

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