Godwaffle Noise Pancakes

Sun Jul 14, 2013
The Lab
12 - 2 pm sharp!
$5 - $10
Arts, Experimental Music, Music
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Sunday, July 14, 2013
Noon to 2PM
$5-$10 sliding scale

Join us for an afternoon of transcendent noise, experimental sound, and gourmet vegan pancakes! This month's lineup features:

National Disgrace
National Disgrace, consisting of Fred Rinne, Andy DeGiovanni and Kit Young originated in the early 1980s in San Francisco, Oakland and Emeryville amid the chundering broth of punk, disco, industrial music forms, mixing these with sculpture, text and performance happenings at Shoreline Ampitheater, Great American Music Hall, S F Art Institute and 100s of other venues/galleries. Instrumentation is home made or adapted strings, winds, machines, found percussion and phonograph records. Most recently, National Disgrace accompanied poet Marshall Weber, of Brooklyn NY in a recital at Artists Television Access in San Francisco and celebrated the teeth of Glenn Campbell at the Church of the Buzzard, Oakland. National Disgrace is working on an exercise video to be released in Summer, 2013, titled "National Disgrace Gets Physical".

Butt Fungus
Peter Lamons (ex Fugazi Osbourne) plays in a metal band called Apocryphon. Working with visual artist (frozentransmissions.tumblr.com) using electronics to make a freaky free form "not so dancy dance jazz" a reality geared mainly towards the insane or extremely open minded. Expect ear miracles!

Old Million Eye vs. Infinite Plastic Internal
Old Million Eye is Brian Lucas. Invinite Plastic Internal is Mark Pino. Hailing from the East Bay, we also play together in the bands Mountain vs. Building and Cloud Shepherd.

Ze Bib!
Fresh from Alamosa, Colorado, Ze Bib is a delirious duo which harnesses sounds and energy ranging from the gentlest twinklings of fairy dust to roaring crashes from spirit waves. Factual sources have discussed the possibility of their origin to be from the 5th dimension. While they fail to comment on these rumors, much of their content produces rays of sunshine which are as of yet unexplained. Listen cautiously and bring sunglasses.

/The Nothing\
/The Nothing\ is the solo project of Geordan White (Liver Cancer), a spiritually dark ambient/harsh doom project with many elements of a novel horror movie with a bad ending. The sound is infused with devices that White designs himself. Along with business partner Xome, White also runs Audible Disease, a popular effects pedal company in which they build and design diabolical effects pedals and synthesizers tailored to noise and experimental artists.

For more information, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/events/499696610098528/ or http://www.thelab.org.

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