Go BANG! Turns *6*! SAT/DEC/6 :: Robin Malone Simmons + Steve Fabus + Emily Coalson + Sergio Fedasz! Hosted By Prince Wolf!

Atomic Dancefloor DISCO Action!!

Event has passed (Sat Jul 6, 2013 - Sat Dec 6)
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SATURDAY DECEMBER 6 We celebrate a milestone in our party's life, which would not have happened without all of YOU!

SATURDAY DECEMBER 6! We celebrate 6 Years of Disco! 6 Years of Hugs! 6 Years of Love, Respect, Freedom, Dancing...LIFE! We celebrate 6 Years of All Our Friends At Once. Mixed, With Love!

Go BANG! Turns 6!

We All truly appreciate that you appreciate us and make it part of your First Saturday plans to come to the clubhouse we all together have made so special and welcoming and...Home. Thank You for a wonderful journey together with many more memories to share!

Go BANG! is Friends & Family, Queer-Mixed San FranDISCO!

Go BANG! is Steve Fabus, Prince Wolf, Sergio Fedasz, The Go BANG! Staff Family, and YOU!

Atomic Dancefloor Disco Action!
SATURDAY December 6, 2014
*1st Saturday Of The Month!*
THE STUD / 399 9th St. & Harrison St.
9P-3A | $7 | Free/Optional Admission Before 10P | 21+


*ROBIN MALONE SIMMONS https://www.facebook.com/robinms

*EMILY COALSON https://www.facebook.com/emily.coalson


*STEVE FABUS https://www.facebook.com/steve.fabus

*SERGIO FEDASZ http://www.facebook.com/sergioaudio

*Your Host :: PRINCE WOLF

*Doors & Smiles: DAVID PRIEST

*Photos by: Asia Hassan of Alternative Portraiture by Asia https://www.facebook.com/asiasqueens | https://www.facebook.com/asia.hassan.39

Coats & Looks Served By: SW!

Flyer: http://www.gobangsf.com/GoBANG-front.jpg

Designed With Love By Robin Malone Simmons! HIRE HIM!


San Francisco has a diverse disco scene that often crosses over but not often enough! The goal of Go BANG! is to bring the crews and their devoted dancers together in a mixed, diverse, exciting environment, with a nod to the diversity and freedom of the 70's/80's San Francisco/New York/Chicago disco nightlife!

Disco freaks, art school boys & girls, drag queens & kings, boogie-heads, fierce dancers, flashy dressers, sexy girls, hot boys, DJs, dancers, photographers, artists, fashionistas; gay/straight/bi/tri/whateva! Bring your flashiest, trashiest, classiest, sexiest, craziest style; but bring an open mind, big smile, and shoes that will allow you to dance from opening to last call! We will start with fire and end with fire!

Taking inspiration from the classic Dinosaur L. song, "Go BANG!": http://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/dinosaur-l-go-bang-the

"I wanna see all my friends at once
I'll do anything to get a chance to
Goooo BANG!"


The Stud
399 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA
Event has passed

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  1. The Stud
    399 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA