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The One-Stop Shop
By Gloria Tai (Jul 21, 2006)
In need of some fresh fare and waterfront air? Try the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market that recently changed locations. After 10 years of migration, it now has a permanent home at the newly restored Ferry Building. Roam through the lively open-air market where you'll find over 75 small family farms and food vendors. Only a stone's throw from Pac Bell Park and downtown San Francisco, you'll find yourself caressing juicy white peaches, squeezing pluots (a plum-apricot hybrid), and sampling sweet English peas. Nibbling on fruit and vegetable samples is fully encouraged and this is just the beginning. More »
By Gloria Tai (Jul 18, 2006)
A bevy of skincare and makeup boutiques have recently sprung up in the Fillmore district. These boutiques will answer all your primping needs in a 24-hour day, from the basics of a skincare regime to painting a dramatic, cosmopolitan look. More »
By Gloria Tai (Jul 18, 2006)
Every woman knows you can never have enough lingerie. After all, it's what's underneath that really counts. And these days, there is simply not enough room in our lingerie drawers for the plethora of brands and styles from which to choose from. There are the sultry, sexy pieces for when you're having company. And then there are the sweet and comfy pajamas for nights to yourself. Two treasure-filled boutiques that offer both the naughty and nice and everything in between are Les Cent Culottes and Belle Cose. More »
Chinese Home Cooking
By Gloria Tai (Jun 27, 2006)
Though easily non-distinguishable from most other Chinese restaurants in the Richmond, Dragon House possesses hole-in-the-wall charm in its soulful home-style cooking and in its service. More »
Pushing the Flavor Envelope
By Gloria Tai (Jun 13, 2006)
Daniel Patterson hails from the prominent kitchen of Elisabeth Daniel and a short-lived stay at Frisson, but was more recently known for penning the infamous New York Times article, yawning at many California peers for their boring approach to cooking. The food-obsessed world was in horror, but Patterson stood by his words as he stands by his food. More »
Quietly, Genuinely Italian
By Gloria Tai (Feb 31, 2006)
Some restaurants strive to be the next big thing and are lucky to live up to the buzz, while others without such designs quietly go about gaining reputation and becoming favorite, under-the-radar dining spots. Claiming the latter distinction, Capannina is part of a quiet resurgence of shiny new restaurants on Union Street. More »
New Home, Same Soul
By Gloria Tai (Jan 03, 2006)
The home of great, greasy fried chicken and fixings has moved to the lower Fillmore district (now renamed the Fillmore Jazz District) from its former haunt in Hayes Valley. I, for one, am excited to know the soul food spot is now mere blocks from my doorsteps. More »
Past and Present Chic
By Gloria Tai (Apr 12, 2005)
There can never be enough boutiques to fill our wardrobe desires. So needless to say, our eyes and wanting closets perked up to the opening of De Novo. This teeny-tiny boutique is an answer to the yearning for something feminine, a touch frilly, and a dash of sexy. This pint-sized shop offers fashion fiends beautiful options, from young and yet-to-be known Los Angeles, New York, and Europe designers. Your wallet will certainly like the costs, as De Novo offers a smidgeon of the price from traditional designers. More »
Sole Healing
By Gloria Tai (Mar 15, 2005)
The occasional pedicure doesn't always cut it when you're pounding the pavement and hills of this city day and night. And you can only beg for so many foot rubs from your significant other before they start to ignore your yelping feet. Try visiting the Foot Reflexology Center in Chinatown. Though the center does offer massages and steam saunas, its focus is on conditioning the feet. Foot reflexology believes your foot is the foundation and interlinked with all major organs and glands in your body. So working the foot in essence is working and healing all other related areas as well. More »
Unique Gifts for Those with Discriminating Taste
By Gloria Tai (Nov 24, 2004)
If you have friends or family who claim to be foodies, chances are they are always hip to new restaurant openings and have extremely discriminating tastes when it comes to dining and cooking. The good news is San Francisco is a town full of foodie resources for hunting down that perfect gift for your gourmand. More »
Gloria Tai's Articles
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