Glass Candy, Chromatics, DJ Omar (Popscene)

Thu Oct 7, 2010
Rickshaw Stop
Show @ 9:00pm
$14 - $15


"A freewheeling electronic pop album that's goofy and glamorous in roughly equal measure, B/E/A/T/B/O/X is Glass Candy's first full-length as a duo, following an electro-disco makeover that has effectively cut the rock out of the group's dancepunk/no wave equation. ... This is unquestionably music for dancing, as opposed to dance music that's probably a bit too cool to actually dance to. The duo's so-retro-it's-modern sound points, no surprises here, straight back to the early '80s, recalling not so much the robotic Italo disco with which the label is often linked (though there are traces of it, particularly on the cosmic strut 'Life After Sundown') as plain old regular disco, the kind that at some point evolved out of funk (check out those full-blooded horn parts, synthesized though they may be, on 'Candy Castle' and the punchy 'Rolling Down the Hills') and went on to inspire the new wave art-punk likes of Blondie and Tom Tom Club (both palpable influences here: Debbie Harry, and perhaps 'Rapture' in particular, are unmistakable in Ida No's slightly kooky, slightly chilly delivery)." --


  1. Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell St, San Francisco, CA