Ghost Flowers

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Donna Levreault makes photographs without a camera.

This photographer employs ancient techniques in her expressive photography. Her "Ghost Flower" images are made without a camera, using the sun as a source of illumination. . A flower is placed on sensitive paper and exposed to sunlight. Exposure times, temperature, and humidityand the unique chemical properties of the plant, affect the final image. The results are completely unpredictable. The print is a ghost image of the flower that can range from brilliant color to more subdued tones. Flowers are a popular subject for photographers; still Levreault’s photographs shed new light on their beauty. Mystery radiates from each blossom, and colors shimmer and glow. The viewer sees an after-image of the plant, a ghost image that can range from realistic to abstract. Levreault says, “I love that I am co-creating these photographs with nature. The sun, the atmosphere, the season, the time of day—everything has an effect on the final image.”


AWE Gallery
678 Portola Drive
San Francisco, CA
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  1. AWE Gallery
    678 Portola Drive, San Francisco, CA