blasthaus presents BROMANCE TOUR 2013

Gesaffelstein + Brodinski

with support from Nolan Gray & DJ Dials

Sat Aug 3, 2013
Doors 9P
$18.50 - $25
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These two French techno producers have a pretty true bromance thanks to their epic non-romantic relationship.

Gesaffelstein aka Mike Levy stands apart from the current techno scene in Paris. At the moment when techno and dubstep are producing new heroes amongst a handful of French DJs, Mike Levy has chosen a different route for his musical expression. His energizing techno, dark and obsessional, works the dance-floor yet at the same time continues to mine emotional landscapes and powerful atmospheres.

Born in Lyon in 1985 – the year that saw the birth of Chicago House (Marshall Jefferson's 'Move Your Body') and legendary releases by electronic new wave and EBM (Electronic Body Music) artists like 'No Shuffle' by Front 242 – it was in fueling his musical references from the 90s that this young French producer infused his dance music and remixes (for Cassius, Lana Del Rey, Moby, Rebotini, ZZT or Boys Noize..) with a particular tension. Inspired by Kraftwerk but also electronic music born from Punk and New Wave, Gesaffelstein mixes current techno with cutting rhythms and dissonant tones from pioneers like DAF, Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb; a kind of 'dance metal'.

July 2012 sees Gesaffelstein releasing a two tracks EP, 'Rise Of Depravity' on Bromance Re- cords, the independent imprint of Brodinski and Manu Barron. Track one 'Depravity' rides on twisted keyboards and despotic synths while floor-killer track two 'Belgium' plays homage to the Belgian creative scene in the where in the 80s and early 90s, new forms of electronic jac- king hypnotized crowds.

Love is in the air when Brodinski starts talking about music. Making music, playing music, sharing music, finding music, promoting music… it's all about L-U-V, as The Shangri-La's used to say. Ever since young Louis Rogé decided to flunk university and turn Brodinksi into a full time operation, it was his passion for unearthing and creating exciting new tunes that drove him forward. No surprise then, when Brodi unveils his newest enterprise, it turns out to be another amorously inspired scheme: the aptly named Bromance is a music label devoted 'people we love', according to its main creator and A&R man.

Brodinski: "I've always loved collaborating with other people, 'cause I get bored too easily. When working together, my head gets fed all the time, new ideas come flying from all directions. The more projects I'm involved in, the better! With Bromance I'm taking that feeling to the next level".
Indeed, evidence of Brodi's knack for joining forces with friends and allies can be found in previous releases such as Peanuts Club (together with Noob, on Turbo) and Eurostarr (with Mumdance, on Southern Friend), and The Krays, his alliance with Yuksek. Also, last year Brodi teamed up with his pal DJ Orgasmic for the hiphop- and rap inspired A-side of his free mixtape The Best Of Everything.
One of Bromance's first offerings will be another, similarly flavoured freebie:Stoned Beats Vol. 1, dedicated to the blunted rhythms and juiced up rhymes of southern hiphop, shopped and skrewed by Gucci Vump – more on them later…
The debut physical release of Bromance is a split EP between Brodinski and fellow French producer plus current touring partner Gesaffelstein. 'He's such a nice guy! I love him, we connect personally and musically on so many levels – and, importantly, we're not just friends, but also fans of each other. We push each other in the right direction'.

Exactly the amiable spirit Bromance vouches for. 'It's all about giving love to people', says Brodinski. 'That's what you do when you make a living from your passion'.
Ever since Brodi was the new kid on the block – the freshest thing coming from France since Pernod on the rocks, as they say – championed at a tender age by such heavyweights as Busy P., 2manydjs, Tiga (who baptised him 'the dj's dj') and Erol Alkan, he made it his mission to share a healthy obsession with quality dance music with as much people possible. With the newest instalment in the Fabric Live-series under his belt, he made an important step fulfilling that wish.

'I've always wanted to do a mix for Fabric, and apparently they wanted me too!', he laughs.

'It's been an emotional ride. First, because I was granted the chance to dedicate it to my late friend Mehdi, and second because I really wanted to make a statement. To push my ideas and vision of what I love in current music, and take risks while doing it. It's my firm belief that a good DJ is at its best when he or she is not doing what people expect'.

'I am a DJ first, always have been, always will', continues the new label boss. 'I'm not a musician. That's why I teamed up with Guillaume from The Shoes for Gucci Vump'.

Aha, Gucci Vump! Another, much whispered about Brodi-collaboration that will soon see the light of day on Bromance.
Yep, Brodi means serious business with his new venture. 'I realise the record label business is in a messy state right now. But I want to build something solid, something that people won't give up on after two weeks. I've got a lot of passion to pour into this thing'.

It's going to be a fine romance, as Frank Sinatra used to say. A fine bromance, my friend this is!

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