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Sit Back And Enjoy the Show
By Genevieve Robertson (Dec 20, 2005)
The experience of dining at Tartare has been likened to a game of miniature golf. On a recent visit: while some of the presentations were a bit fussy, and I did have trouble deciding where to put my fork, I encountered no tilting windmills. The small, neatly organized room beckoned with soft orange light and tranquil, spa-like music. The tables were close, making agility a useful attribute when getting into the banquette side, but there was ample tabletop to give you space from those next to you, as well as to accommodate the multiple glasses that began to arrive as sommelier Paul Einbund paired each course. More »
One Stop Amusement
By Genevieve Robertson (Nov 31, 2004)
The concept of combining a restaurant with a nightclub is certainly nothing new, but the idea has begun to reassert itself in San Francisco's dinning scene. One of the latest additions is Levende, which has taken over the old Butterfly spot on that oh-so-awkward corner of Duboce and Mission. It's not really in any neighborhood and not really in the company of other destination spots, which would appear to make it a hard place for a restaurant to succeed. But Levende has combined all of the elements of a great night out in one place. More »
By Genevieve Robertson (Oct 18, 2004)
Chocolates were made for Valentine's Day. But you can't just get that drugstore heart-shaped box; it reeks of last minute guilt. Even the slightly more upscale telltale white box from See's Candies is a copout. If your special someone likes their chocolate, San Francisco has some wonderful choices sure to woo- and that's what it's all about. More »
By Genevieve Robertson (Aug 10, 2004)
On the corner of Powell and Union, just off the main drag in North Beach, sits Iluna Basque, a swank eating place pushing itself into San Francisco's late night scene. Chef Mattin Nobile, formerly of Gerald Hirigoyen's Piperade, wanted to create a destination for his peers, a welcoming late night haunt with food and drink from or inspired by his Basque upbringing. More »
By Genevieve Robertson (Jul 28, 2004)
A combination of classical training and Latin upbringing are what led Chef Johnny Alamilla to feature ceviche so prominently on his menu at Alma, the popular Nuevo Latino restaurant in the Mission district. His training taught him that a meal should be structured, and begin with a light, fresh palate cleanser. His heritage provided memories of summers in his grandmother's kitchen in Miami. The two come together in the logical conclusion that his menu should lead with ceviche. More »
A Meal Worth Savoring
By Genevieve Robertson (Jul 28, 2004)
On an unassuming corner of the Mission, I had what I would undoubtedly say was one of the best meals I've experienced in San Francisco. It might have been the company or the welcoming candlelit room washed in turquoise and framed in dark wood that put me in this exceptional mood, but I'm certain the food had a significant role. At [i]Alma[/i], Chef Johnny Alamilla has created a menu of Nuevo Latino cuisine that isn't forced or pretentious and has been consistently stellar for almost three years. He uses local ingredients that match and mimic the traditional dishes while adding a hint of more character. More »
Great Food with No Fuss
By Genevieve Robertson (Jun 22, 2004)
The swank brown room welcomes you with a velvet curtained entranced, long bar and blonde wood walls. The densely placed tables line one wall and offer a full view of the minimalist bar and partially open kitchen. After a quick perusal of the wine list, we started with a glass of the Salomon Undhof Grüner Veltliner and CL's Pinot Noir, which were presented with the added touch of being poured tableside. Headings on the wine list like Fast & Easy, Speak Unique, Earthy & Animalistic, and Talking Loud & Saying Something are an indication of the playful attitude toward both the food and wine. More »
The French way to while away the afternoon
By Genevieve Robertson (Jun 15, 2004)
A good friend of mine took a trip to Antigua a while ago and came back with a term I took to quite quickly, "FLFL". It stands for f--king long French lunch, the idea being that you find yourself a nice little café, preferably with sidewalk tables, on a beautiful, sunny, mid-week afternoon and devote at least three hours to an indulgent meal. The most important aspects being very little regard for time, as much sun exposure as possible and a steady supply of rosé. More »
Australia's Perfect Barbecue Wine
By Genevieve Robertson (May 11, 2004)
It's warming up a bit, or at least as much as it does in San Francisco, and as a city we tend to enjoy whatever sunshine we get during the summer months. And what better way to enjoy that sunny afternoon than with a barbecue? While beer is a natural choice I have something a bit different to add to the mix, if you dare. More »
Monks Know Best
By Genevieve Robertson (Mar 30, 2004)
With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching, thoughts turn to an evening of tacos, tamales, margaritas, and beer. However, my drink of choice for such festivities, as you can likely guess, is sangria. Simply a wine punch, it can be thrown together in a matter of minutes and enjoyed immediately. More »
genevieve robertson's Articles
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