INFORUM presents

Gavin Newsom: Angry Birds for Democracy

Wed Feb 27, 2013
The Commonwealth Club SF
6:30 PM
$7 - $45
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Gavin Newsom: Angry Birds for Democracy

Anyone with an iPhone can publish, purchase, invest and entertain with the touch of a button – and now it’s time for government to get in the game. In his new book Citizenville, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom looks at how new digital tools can be used to dissolve political gridlock and technology can transform modern government. What would happen if the hours we spend playing Angry Birds could be used to crowd-source infrastructure design or participate in policy decisions? The former mayor of one of the country’s most high-tech and progressive cities, Newsom sees the potential in harnessing the online power of the ordinary citizen. Come hear Newsom in conversation with Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor at Large of Fortune as the pair delves into Newsom’s vision for digital governance.

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  1. The Commonwealth Club SF
    595 Market Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA