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The Solo Work of Community Arts Champion
By Sarah Hromack (Jun 10, 2005)
Conceived and built by artist/curator Amanda Eichner in 2000, the Backroom Gallery at Adobe Books is exactly that -- a tiny, contemplative space well suited to the work of Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, in residence there until July 15th. Organized by Adobe's current curator, Eleanor Harwood, Karmageddon features a suite of Rosenberg's drawings; the show opened this past Friday night, and most pieces have already sold. More
Simple Creations of an Elaborate Nature
By Jim Goldstein (Jun 3, 2005)
When you think of "San Francisco" and "Labyrinth" it will likely conjure up one of two thoughts: either Grace Cathedral or driving through downtown. However, soon these two terms will be synonymous with local artist Eduardo Aguilera and his creations found through out the San Francisco Bay area. Eduardo's most popular labyrinth to date can still be found over looking the Golden Gate Bridge at Lands End More
A Fresh Look at the Comic Aesthetic
By Maureen Hanratty (May 12, 2005)
Strange Tales is not the first time artists Nick Ackerman, David Huffman and Chris Oliveria have exhibited together. Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery showed the trio in 2001. Putting them together is a no-brainer. Comics and cartoons are a strong influence, violence a preoccupation and all received MFAs from California College of the Arts. More
at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
By Maureen Hanratty (Apr 28, 2005)
The CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts' "Monuments For the USA" is a surprisingly humorous and moving collection of artist proposals addressing the country's contemporary political and social landscape. It is a show of ideas, with photos, drawings, and sculptures taking a back seat to the artists' incisive and thoughtfully written texts. In truth they are a collection of anti-monuments often satirical, sometimes ridiculous and refreshingly un-didactic. More
A Different View from the Middle East
By Clifton Lemon (Apr 15, 2005)
When was the last time you attended an art opening at a small independent gallery that included both uniformed and plainclothes security guards? At "Made in Palestine", an exhibit of Palestinian art now at the SomArts Gallery in San Francisco, they were there in force, a precaution against the controversy that the show has generated across the country. Were we in danger of attack by an anti-Palestinian extremist group? Could violence follow the art and the artists from Palestine and erupt in our fair city? It gave the event a strange and unsettling aura, and somehow magnified our awareness of the work. More
March 25th - April 7th
By melissa lane (Mar 25, 2005)
The deeply complex, soul-searching rhythm and blues legend Marvin Gaye inspired Soul Salon 10, a multi-media exhibit exploring the late, great musician's work. Fourteen visual artists from the Bay Area and Southern California will be joined by music, spoken word, and slide shows to interpret what his life came to signify before it tragically ended in 1984. Named after one of the Motown artist's favorite songs, The Trouble Man Exhibit will open from 1 to 4 pm on April 2nd at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland. The show continues through May 28th. More
The Good, The Bad & the Not-So-Good
By Maureen Hanratty (Mar 18, 2005)
Architecture. If you went to art school it was the major your mother wished you had chosen. If you went the fine art route instead, itís always the medium from which you pillage. For the intellectually inclined, architecture offers meaty texts with utopian aspirations. Others see the architectural practice as a natural extension of their compulsive building habits. Strange Architecture, a group-show of architecture-inspired work at the Catherine Clark Gallery is good, not-so-bad and, in only one instance, ugly. More
March 11th - 24th
By melissa lane (Mar 11, 2005)
The Commonwealth Club rounds up local art luminaries to talk smart about art. Specifically, they'll hash out what happens when you mix your fine arts with your nightlife. Jennifer Rogers, co-owner of Varnish Fine Art; Laura Janku, editor of Artweek; Gabe Scott, curator for 111 Minna Gallery; and Ariane Maclean, director of Gen Art SF will explore the good and the bad between the two. Are they using each other? Do they see each other as a cheap one-night gimmick? Or do they still respect each other in the morning, feeling revitalized from a night of synergistic mingling? Ali Ghanbarian, Editor of SOMA Magazine will moderate and keep the kids More
Discarded Treasures
By Nirmala Nataraj (Mar 11, 2005)
If ever the adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure" were true, it's absolutely exemplified in the latest exhibit at the Intersection for the Arts. "Life Cycle Analysis", on exhibit through April 16, is an installation featuring the works of NoMe Edonna, Ricardo Richey, and Andrew Schoultz, members of the Gestalt Collective, a local group composed of graffiti-based artists. The exhibit includes collaborative sculptural, photographic, and video installations that touch on the debilitating effects of consumerism and waste. More
Feb 25th - March 10th
By melissa lane (Feb 25, 2005)
Due to lease problems, the Punch Gallery will be closing its doors at the end of the month. They arrived almost exactly three years ago on a mission to promote urban art. By any measure -- dance, visual art, music or installation -- they have maintained a consistent presence within the city's different artistic street cultures. They go out in true form by featuring New York's composer-violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain: a man known to use his violin as an ambassador of hip-hop to classical music circles. Friday Feb 25th will be their final farewell. . . More
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