Flirting with Laughter: Fitness Edition

Sat Feb 15, 2014
Punch Line Comedy Club
$15 - $25
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Flirting with Laughter is a comedy show where you laugh and meet people. Weíve teamed up with trainers, gyms and yoga studios to pack the house with people who plank.The comics are single and the audience is single and thereís jokes and music and girls who are down to break a sweat*.

Jess, 24, from SF says, ďI donít go to the gym to get hit on. Iím super sweaty on the elliptical, just listening to some embarrassing playlist.Ē

Fine Jess, take a shower and get here then.

Ed, 29, from Oakland says, ďIím just trying to be with a girl who takes care of herself.Ē

Real talk, Ed.

Donít you wish bars were full of active single people? Me too, but we donít live in L.A.

You wanna laugh? Letís do it. You got the guts to get up on the mic? Alright, letís do that too.

Itís the middle of the day, so who cares what you wear because you look great under those clothes. Wear your sweats or rock your leotard. Most likely the most outlandish workout gear will get something real special. And if youíre out of shape, no worries. This is only week six of 2014 you. Meet a running partner or a tennis partner or a partner partner. You do you.

Hike Mt. Tam or run Landís End or P90X ahead of time though, because WEíRE DRINKING.

*If you just perspire, thatís totally fine. Still come.

3pm @ Punch Line Comedy Club

444 Battery Street in San Francisco

18+ with valid photo ID

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it going to be a sausage fest?

A: No, we gender-balance the shows. And donít say ďsausage festĒ again.

Q. Does it really start at 3pm?

A. Yes. Get on board.

Q. Is it going to be funny?

A. Yeah, Louis C.K. will be there doing cleans.

Q. Will Louis C.K. really be there?

A. No.

Q. Where can I get tickets?



  1. Punch Line Comedy Club
    444 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA