Alcoholocaust presents

Fleas and Lice

with Mouth Sewn Shut, Inhaste, and Stormcrow

Wed May 14, 2008
Thee Parkside
Metal, Music, Punk, Rock
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Crust punk band Fleas and Lice formed in the Netherlands in 1993. While they have toured nearly every year since their inception, Fleas and Lice have not played in the U.S. in a decade. Original band members Robbie and Piet- formerly of popular Holland hardcore/punk band Mushroom Attack- currently share the stage with Esther, Jim, Stiff and Pelle. Describing themselves as "punk as f**k," Fleas and Lice sing "against the system, capitalism, fascism, animal abuse, meat factories, bloodsport, and heroin." The band plays "relatively traditional crusty punk with a quirky twist to give it their own sound... using a dual male/female vocal attack pairing gruff shouts with higher, sneering yells. Their songs range in tempo from faster and more energetic hardcore bursts to mid-paced power chords, and they have a bit o f a lighthearted sense of humor to their style despite serious messages behind the bitter sarcasm. They're not nearly as dark or heavy as most bands that get tagged with the 'crust' label, but those types of sounds are interestingly intertwined with subtle melody and catchy punk rock attitude throughout the band's work."


  1. Thee Parkside
    1600 17th St, San Francisco, CA