Faun Fables with Daevid Allen (of Gong/Soft Machine) & Wymond and His Spirit Children

Wed Nov 28, 2007
Cafe du Nord
Music, Pop Music


"Oakland's Faun Fables aren't really a folk group, but there's no adequate name for the music Dawn and Nils make together, music that is so total, otherworldy, and heretical a vision of traditional music that it can only be compared to The Residents' version of rock 'n roll. Frykdahl's instrumental virtuosity is strictly in the service of making every sound you've ever heard unfamiliar. This band has the uncanny ability to blow through original songs, ancient ballads and European avant garde numbers in a set without a single note seeming out of place. Even if you don't like traditional music, avant garde music, or music at all, you still need to hear McCarthy's voice, which will kill you dead." - from LA Weekly


  1. Cafe du Nord
    2174 Market St, San Francisco, CA