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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Events: Saturday, August 02, 2014
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at Muttville HQ (12:00pm-3:00pm)

May we introduce you to the adorable mutts of Muttville!? Come meet Muttville's sweet senior dogs who are looking for...

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Categories: Mission, Family
  at JAMaroo Kids Studio (9:30a-12p)

Shopping with Stylist plus Complimentary Babysitting at JAMaROO Kids | 2001 Pine St. | SF | CA Saturday Aug 2 | 9:30a-12p...

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 415 614 2001
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at Books Inc. in the Marina (11:00 AM)

Oh My Gosh! Storytime presents local author Ron Berman sharing the latest adventures of our favorite cable car, with the...

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at Westfield's San Francisco Shopping Centre (5:00 p.m.)

Corazon Under the Dome is a six-minute state-of-the-art musical light show celebrating iconic San Francisco with animated...

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Categories: San Francisco, Family
at The Walt Disney Family Museum (10am-12)

Designed for ages 7 and under, Little Open Studio is a place where young ones and their families can put small hands to...

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at Conservatory of Flowers (10am-4pm)

Fall prey to some of the plant kingdom’s most alluring and murderous creations this spring as the carnivores return to the...

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at The Walt Disney Family Museum (10am-4pm)

Discover the exciting worlds of art and animation at intensive summer camp workshop at The Walt Disney Family Museum! Create...

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