Fall Out Boy and Paramore

Sun Aug 17, 2014
Concord Pavilion
$29 - $69
Music, Rock


Emo-pop sensation Fall Out Boy is smart, real smart. Why? Because they play gigs at places where their fan-base is as concentrated as high-pulp orange juice. The pop-punk quartet debuted in 2002 with a split LP that also featured Project Rocket, a band of which drummer Andrew Hurley was also a member. The album was a mouthwatering prospect for record execs looking to find the next Jimmy Eat World, a bidding war which resulted in the group signing to Fueled by Ramen, florida-based label co-owned by Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello.

"Multi-platinum selling artist Paramore's spunky blend of emo-pop and anthemic rock eventually made them stars on both sides of the Atlantic. Paramore began humbly enough in Franklin, TN, where lead singer Hayley Williams met brothers Josh and Zac Farro after moving to town from Mississippi. The two Farros had a band that the 13 year-old singer was asked to join, and guitarist Jason Bynum and bassist Jeremy Davis soon climbed aboard to complete Paramore's lineup. Local hangouts and a school talent show helped the young bandmembers hone their chops before graduating to higher-level gigs at area rock clubs."



  1. Concord Pavilion
    2000 Kirker Pass Road , Concord, CA