Eli Horowitz, Matthew Derby, and Kevin Moffett

Tue Jun 17, 2014
City Lights Bookstore
7:00 PM
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Eli Horowitz, Matthew Derby, and Kevin Moffett discuss their new novel The Silent History.

Some time right around now, doctors, nurses, and—most of all—parents begin to notice an epidemic spreading among newborn children. Children who are physically normal in every way except that they do not speak, and do not respond to speech; they don't learn to read, don't learn to write.

Originally conceived and serially published as an award-winning iPhone/iPad app by Eli Horowitz, the former publisher of McSweeney’s, along with two acclaimed novelists (Matthew Derby and Kevin Moffett) and one intrepid coder (Russell Quinn), the book has been re-edited and, at times, rewritten into a definitive, nuanced, and unputdownable text, a story that is at once timely, timeless, and terrifying.


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