HOUSEPITALITY feat. ALEXI DELANO (AD, Visionquest) | Free Champagne Tasting 9pm-10pm

Wed Mar 11
F8 | 1192 Folsom
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( ((HOUSEPITALITY)) ) brings the heat back with the dj/producer artist who changed the course of the SF underground sound and now represents SF worldwide:

(Bad Animal, Poker Flat, [KONTROL] SF | Berlin)


Groove lounge takeover by:


Just want to kick this off by mentioning its LUKE and BLAINE'S birthdays.. these boys make this party tick and they met for the first time here on their birthday, this day 2 years ago, then BLAINE joined the crew. We LOVE YOU GUYS

OK, on to the BIZNAZZ--
Some people need an introduction, some people dont.. Alland does not need an introduction in San Francisco since his contributions to our local scene in which he shook the foundations of the local underground sound changed forever thru his efforts. You can thank Alland Byallo for many things about how things are now. He is easily one of the hardest working members of the worldwide community of underground music artists. He is respected amongst the best and recognized for his hustle. Did we mention that he is one mother funky dj? The guy catches on fire when he's on the decks. This is why he is booked worldwide for his ability and he dons a discography that goes on FOREVER and has been featured on the most crucial underground music labels.. Reading his feeds it feels like he has a new ep every week.. Ridiculous.. Alland also happens to be one of our best friends to the Housepitality crew and he is an honorary member of this crew for life. We thank you Alland for your contributions to the entire undergroudn music game at large brother.. WELCOME BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO, your hometown forever.

Joining him is one of Alland's ex [KONTROL] resident crew members, also currently releasing amazing tracks and gaining great bookings as far as Pittsburg, CRAIG KUNA and in the lounge our very lovely and talented dj COLE.


More info TBA on each artist..



Cole is a Cali kid. Born in LA, but raised in the Bay nearly all of his life, he's been a long time operator in the local music scene as a DJ, musician and promoter. He has spent every waking hour since his early childhood embracing good music and the people who love it. As a DJ of almost 20 years, he's known for playing sets that define variety, and that are truly unlike anyone else. Whether it's The Verve or Holy Fuck.... Nina Simone or 40 Thieves.... Rub N Tug or Patsy Cline, you may hear it in an arc that fits the night. He can keep a blissed out morning sunkissed and dreamy, or the late night ride chunked up and dirty. He's played such notable places and parties as the Sunset Campout, 222 Hyde in SF, Do-Over in LA, and APT in Ny, and has selected alongside such badassery as Psychemagik, Max Essa, DJ Spun, Mudd, DJ Garth, Thugfucker, Nick Chacona, Steve Fabus, Permanent Vacation, and the one and only DJ Harvey. He also ran a weekly for 5 years called The Happiest Hours (aka Taco Tuesday) and had an underground loft in San Jose called the Black Door that was regarded as the city's best club by those in the know. He currently holds down a residency at Monarch in SF on the 1st Saturday of every month.

As a musician, he's played drums in bands since the early 90s, rocking stages and festivals around the Bay and beyond. His most recent project, OWNERSHIP (in which he sang, played drums, keys, sequencers, and was the principle song-writer) was a psychedelic electronic analog rock band that drew upon influences such as Verve, LCD Soundsystem, Queens of the Stone Age, Rub N Tug, Can, Cobblestone Jazz, Psychemagik, and the Flaming Lips... That project currently on hiatus, Cole is focusing his efforts on a completely solo analog electronic rock performance, which he'll debut soon under the moniker COLEODIN.

Enjoy handcrafted cocktails by our very own groove lounge mixologist.

World class acts, world class music, every Wednesday night..

We got you!

Located at F8
1192 Folsom
Folsom St. at 8th St., SF

Streaming LIVE at

9pm-2am | 21+ | 3 Rooms

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  1. F8 | 1192 Folsom
    1192 Folsom, San Francisco, CA