Ruby Skye, Mixed Elements and Flirty Flirty Present


Sat Apr 6, 2013
Ruby Skye
$20 - $30
Electronic Music, Clubs, DJ's, Music


nly one DJ in the world can claim to have a global following of millions, while never having left the United States. The story of DJ BL3ND is like none other. It began with his humble upbringing in Los Angeles, California and continues to this day, with over 200 million views on YouTube on his signature high-energy live mixes.

Driven by his passion to spin the music he loved for a larger audience, BL3ND began handing out mix-tapes to local clubs and promoters in 2009. However, he had a difficult time grabbing anyoneís attention. Seeking another means of sharing his passion with the world, BL3ND began creating live videos of himself dancing and spinning energy filled, hard hitting beats in his now signature mask. Posting on YouTube, BL3NDís videos quickly went viral. In less than three short years, BL3ND has become an unprecedented story of do-it-yourself success.

Now, with over twenty videos on YouTube, and a rapidly growing YouTube Channel with more than 300,000 subscribers, BL3ND can truly be called an underground sensation. BL3NDís devoted fan base is continually expanding, with viewers around the globe. From the United States to Germany, from Canada to Peru, across Mexico and Brazil, BL3NDís fans canít get enough, as they eagerly await his debut outside of North America.

BL3ND now plays sold-out shows in the thousands throughout America. Currently boasting over 2.2 Million likes on Facebook and nearly 100,000 Twitter followers, BL3NDís fan base is continually growing at a rapid pace.
2012 continues to witness the explosion of BL3NDís popularity both as a DJ and a sought-after producer. With over 20 million downloads of his music to date across all download platforms, BL3NDís fans are hungry for more and they wonít be



  1. Ruby Skye
    420 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA