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Capitalizing on a Culture Consumed by Consumerism

Event has passed (Thu Mar 21, 2013 - Sun Apr 14, 2013)
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Your credit card is maxed out, and you hang up the phone on "Ross" who has been chasing your payments for months. But Ross is actually Roshan, and though the sun is shining for you, it's past midnight for him.

In a contemporary Indian call center, a group of young graduates are renamed and re-branded as they try to claw back cash spent by Americans crippled with debt. In their efforts to chase the very American dream the people they are calling have defaulted on, the desperation and feuds of a high-pressure work environment are revealed. This smart and relevant play depicts the connections and disconnections between economies and peoples on opposite sides of the world with bitter humor and candor.

"A play that has sharp things to say about subjects varying from Indian racism to American consumerism... It's intelligent, punchy and pointed." -The Times

Approx. Performance Run Time: 90 minutes, no intermission


San Jose Repertory Theatre
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Event has passed

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