Dirtybird Records presents

Dirtybird In The Park

Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Worthy, J.Phlip

Sun Apr 18, 2010
Golden Gate Park
noon - 6pm
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This Sunday, April 18, is this season's first dirtybird BBQ in Golden Gate Park!

We are going to need your help to ensure that we can continue to bring you beats, bass, and all that carne asada.

***NEW FOR 2010***: To prevent traffic bottlenecks in the road alongside the meadow (Entrances at 25th and 30th Avenue), two rangers will be regulating traffic for the duration of the event. You will NOT be able to park on this stretch of road, so PLAN YOUR TRANSPORTATION ACCORDINGLY!

Recent renegade parties throughout Golden Gate Park have made it harder for legitimate operations such as dirtybird to do our thing. We have spent a lot of time and money cultivating a solid relationship with the Parks Department, and we would like things to stay that way.

*THERE WILL BE A RANGER MONITORING THE EVENT FOR SEVERAL HOURS. Please take this into consideration and let others know. Be discreet with your alcohol and whatever else you decide to bring. The park also has a strict no smoking policy.

*Please do not go to the bathroom in the bushes! This was a main concern in our last meetings with the Parks Dept. The ranger will be specifically watching for this. We have ordered two portapotties for this event, so there shouldn't be a need to head for the wilderness.

*Please monitor your trash as you go!!!

*GET THERE EARLY!!! Our actual sound permit runs from 2-6pm, so we will be wrapping it up precisely at 6.

So with all that out of the way, let's get down to business – ANOTHER DIRTYBIRD SUNDAY IN THE PARK!


Christian, Justin, Worthy, Claude VonStroke, and J.Phlip!


12-1:10 - Claude VonStroke
1:10-2:20 - Christian
2:20-3:30 - J.Phlip
3:30-4:40 - Worthy
4:40-end - Justin


  1. Golden Gate Park
    Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA