DECOMPRESSION Heat the Street FaIRE! 2012

Sun Oct 7, 2012
Indiana St. bet. Mariposa & 22nd St.
$15 - $20
Art Festival, Arts, Music, Music Festival


Burning Man Presents, for the benefit of the Burning Man Project...

Sunday, October 7th, 2012
Noon til Midnight! (Starts Noon Sharp!)
Indiana St between Mariposa and 22nd St in San Francisco, California
Outdoor sound ends 10:00 pm, except for Mariposa sound stage ONLY--which ends 11:00 pm
Public Entrance: 19th St. & Minnesota; 2nd entrance at 20th St. & Minnesota from 2:00 - 7:00 pm
$15 donation before 4:00 pm; $20 after; free schwag for early arrivals.
All ages (under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo
More info: and [email protected]
FOOD AVAILABLE: Tasty meat + veggie options and beverages sold to benefit the Burning Man Project, art and community programs. So, EAT FOR ART! Also food/tea/coffee theme camps early in the day; or pack a picnic for the park.

Welcome to the 13th Annual Decompression Heat the Street Fair!
This year is looking phenomenal... HOWEVER, there have been changes to our "urban playa" over the years. Here is what we ALL need to do to keep our event positive and Neighbor Happy!

1. ARRIVE EARLY! Enjoy the full day & keep the line shorter
2. Take mass transit or bike; bike parking at 19th and Minnesota; No driving on Minnesota between 19th and 22nd this year. PARK cars at UCSF lot at 16th and 3rd -- discount rate all day till Midnight!
3. Respect our neighbors, no loud noises, don't block driveways, use OUR toilets
4. NO boom boxes, renegade sound systems or fire and keep noise down after 10pm!
5. Pack out all trash you bring and LEAVE NO TRACE!
6. Be quiet as you leave; don't wake sleeping neighbors. Shhhh...
7. Come back Monday at 11am to help with our neighborhood-wide clean-up so we can leave things cleaner than they were!


Come at Noon SHARP for a full twelve hours of art, installations, performance, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, live music, DJs, Burning Man 2012 imagery, and MORE!!!

All six blocks, the park, and stages will be overflowing with a stunning variety of creative expression! Bring your imagination to share and BE the art you wish to see in the world!!! Schedule and list of pARTicipants to follow.

ART: A Cavallo by Quill Hyde, Almost by Michael Christian, Altervision 3D Blacklight Alley by Debi Cable, Arising Intention by Damien Jones, Anubis by Dan Fox and crew, Bocce Ball by Debocceri, Boreallis by Oscillator, Burning Man Timeline by David Silverman, The Critical E.E.A.R.Z. by Jake Wasserman Divine Feminine by Jack Allen and Tres Fontaine, Desert Pearl by Ruth Kneass, Dusthaven Tower and Magical Forest SIgn by Brian Knittle, Electric Butterfly Effect by Todd Williams, Emerald Kitty 2.0 visits San Francisco by Kathy D'Onofrio, Hi-REZolution by Therese Hockel, Houses of Worship by Ryan Berkey and Devin Nickoloff, Inspiration Campaign by Robert Bengtson, Interactive light painting by Aurora Light Painters, International Human Color Wheel -- Dance 4 Positivity by Patricia Ruisch, JuneLiArt by June Li, Light and Illusion by Benjamin James and Ka-Ping Yee, Menagerie Mechanique by Garth Webb, Mobile Disco Mobile by Florian Jorda, NYC/WTC by Steven Bird, Photos by Supersnail, Playuzzle by Andy/Ember, PulseField by Brent Townshend, Reds Primitive Contemporary Live Painting Performance by Reds Regan, Robot Dance Party by Chris Hirst, Space Palette by Tim Thompson, Synthesizer Synthesizer by Yvonesse, Unearthed by Anticlockwise, Your Funeral by Jonesy; and MANY MORE coming in!

FIRE ART: Char Wash by Christopher Schardt, Dragon Smelter Live Casting Event by Daniel Macchiarini, Fire Tornados by Jason Starr, Flaming Tuba by Dave Silverman, MESMERIZE by Jay Conners AND OTHERS!

PERFORMERS: 8ball, Agatron, Alex Blackstock, Alex Green, Anodyne Industries, Angela Mae, Baby Seal Club, Bad Unkl Sista, Beautiful Machines, Borris, Brandon Kazon-Maddox, Burning Band Marching Band, Burning Man Film Fest, Candy Pie, Carolina Sunshine, CelloJoe, Chapa, Chase Me, Citizen Zain, Clark Hatchet (mystr/htcht), Cupcake, Darko and the Bunnies, Dead Klown Society, divaDanielle, Diva Marisa, DJ Aaron, Deckard, Delachaux, DJ ICON, DJ Kelly, DJ Loomer, DMITRY PURPLE aka DJ Purple, Dr. Knobz, El Radio Fantastique, Ellastico, Emily Athena, Energy Alchemist, Eric Jacobs, Ernie Trevino, Eva D'Luscious, Everett Wayne, eviLntt, Featherpistol, Feral Fox, Foobz, Fou Fou HA!, A Funky Interlude by Keno Mapp & Uncle Funky, G. Jones, Gring-Oh-Star, Hug Nation, Humanimal, IllyBaba, Jason Wilson, JC, Jef Stott, Jerk Church, Jodi Waseca, Kevin Fischer, Kapt’n Kirk, Kasey Riot, Kaweh, KaytiBunny, Killer prostitute, Kool Karlo, kompare, Lantz Lazwell and The Vibe Tribe, Lizzie Strata, MadDog, Mana Maddy, Mancub, Magellan, Mark Slee of House Heads, MC Emma Nation, MC Treasure Chest, MegaFlame Big Band, Ms. Sassy, Mz. K & The HoneyBEE Cabaret, Neon Bunny, Ninja Hoops, Tiana Zoumer, Noah Schnaubelt, NVO, P-DUB, Papa Bear and the Easy Love, Pbbbbblt!, Pink Flamingo, Porkchop, ?Westion, Revolva, Rich DDT, Roddie of House Heads, Samba Stilt Circus, Sanedrac Hunter, Shannon Vau de Vire, Shissla, ShOOey, Skultrane, Snail Trail, So, Social Bee Yoga with Citizen Zane, Sol, Special Head, Stylust Beats * feat * Saratonin, Tamo, the dream coat, The Foreign Agent, The Klown's 'Jolligood Seduction Company', Tiana Zoumer, Tigre Bailando, Tiny, The Zenotope Collective, Truth, Valarien, Xzist; AND MANY FREAKING MORE!!!

FIRE PERFORMERS: Celsius Maximus, Dance With The Devil, David Cantor, Dr. 42, Dreams, Infinite Ballroom Brigade, Jennifer Callahan, Los Gitanos Del Fuego, Luminesque, Lux natura, Potter, SF Fire Arts Collective Fire Conclave, Solar Flare +++

THEME CAMPS INCLUDE: Bayesian Conspiracy, Black Rock Roller Disco, Black Rock Scouts,
BRCPO, BRC Gate and Perimeter, BMIR, Black Rock Beacon, Bubble City, Bureau of Erotic Discourse, Bureau of Misinformation, Burning Man Project, Burning Movies in the Park, Camp Beaverton, Camp Montage, Camp Questionmark, Camp SCIENCE!, Costco Soulmate Trading Company, DPW, Everywhere Pavilion, Hiney Hygiene Station, Hug Deli, Jerk Church, LOVE Camp, Kidsville, Love Potion Camp, Nine Energies, Red Rubber Tattoo, Pancake Playhouse & Trader Shady's, Playa Info, PlayaTerps, Sk8 Kamp, Skinny Kitty Tea House, Space Cowboys, Sweet & Sour Lemonade, Twilight Spaghetti Theater, World Hoop Day; and LOTS MORE!

ART CARS & MUTANT VEHICLES: A Cavallo Carousel, Chester, Gerlach No. 1 Fire Engine, Just Hanging Out, Landau the Dragon, Nautilus X, Sugar Cubes, Miracle, MOW Car, The Drumwagon, Unimog, Zoomy the Turtle AND MANY MORE!

LIVE VJ PROJECTIONS: Celestine Star, Chris Crosmand, Hugh Kimbrough, Jon Ferran, Mark McGothigan, Caroluna, Keegan O'Brien & Ron Halbert, AND MORE!

PROJECTED STILL IMAGERY by: well know photographers including Steve Fritz, Todd Gardiner, Neil Girling, Ron Halbert, Scott London, Peter Booth Lee, compilation show by Ron Halbert, AND EVEN MORE!

MORE BEING CONFIRMED NOW! We are going to have an amazing and full DECOM with lots of range this year -- from conversation-friendly zones to an all new dance area!

PLEASE TAKE MASS TRANSIT, BIKE and CARPOOL: (Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd Street T-line), ride your bike and avoid driving on Minnesota St completely! Inexpensive parking available at UCSF lot (3rd St at 16th St). Or park on Terry Francois Blvd.

RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS. Enter and exit quietly and without leaving a trace! Pick up litter you see on side streets as you go. We need to leave things spotless! THIS IS A LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT! Pack out what you pack in! Do not litter or leave trash!

THANK YOU! Dogpatch Neighborhood Network!

PARTICIPATE: We still have space for non-sound art cars, non-sound interactive theme camps, art, and roving performers. We are FULL for sound camps, amplified sound art,
DJs, bands, and fire this year.

Email flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com to request a space and share your creative spirit, art and vision.

TO VOLUNTEER: Email SEvolunteers(at)burningman(dot)com

We also need volunteers to come back 11am Monday, Oct 8th to Indiana and 19th for our annual neighborhood clean up so we can leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it! We’ll have donuts, coffee, great thank you schwag, and new friends!

EVERYONE should read the Survival Guide before you come:


  1. Indiana St. bet. Mariposa & 22nd St.
    Indiana St., San Francisco, CA