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Clothing & Accessories Articles
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Clothing & Accessories
By Lisa Butterworth (Oct 14, 2004)
Well, here it is again, the hallmark of Hallmark holidays. A day of exculpation, it can be used as an excuse to get schmoopy over your significant other or to get blitheringly sauced because you don't have one. But whether you need a table for two or will be sitting at the bar Saturday night, Valentine's Day is also a great excuse to go shopping, for your honey or yourself. More
Clothing & Accessories
By grace chen (Oct 14, 2004)
The latest epidemic to spread is not another strain of mad cow disease or bird flu but rather pink eye. Everywhere you turn in this city, an eyeful of pinks will surely attack you. More
Clothing & Accessories
By grace chen (Oct 14, 2004)
San Francisco is where romance can bloom to ever after. Brides will have no shortage in finding something to wear because there are a handful of select designers headquartered in our city to help make these moments memorable. More
Clothing & Accessories
Atypical Duds
By Nish Nadaraja (Oct 13, 2004)
For a city that claims to embrace being an individual, one certainly doesn't get that impression by seeing what folks are wearing these days. What happened to style and doing something unique? Well luckily, there is Feria Urbana More
Clothing & Accessories
Fashion Street Cred
By Nirmala Nataraj (Oct 13, 2004)
Equipped with a swaggering sensibility that's patently San Franciscan, Future Primitive Sound Headquarters offers much more than just a trendy cadre of customized clothing. More
Clothing & Accessories
Asian Pop Culture & Beyond
By Cliff Samaniego (Oct 9, 2004)
In 1994, a newly published magazine provided an uplifting voice for Asian Americans. Giant Robot (GR), created by Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, covered everything from instant ramen noodles and Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat to energy drink taste tests... More
Clothing & Accessories
The Art of Versatility
By Nirmala Nataraj (Oct 2, 2004)
When Priya Saraswati and Yugala Priti launched Saffron Rare Threads a little over a year ago, they were very precise in the selection of their name. It takes a thousand hand-picked threads of saffron to create a single ounce of this flavorful substance. It was the perfect embodiment of Saraswati and Priti's initial concept -- to create a line of clothing that symbolized the same impeccability and vividness as the world's most coveted spice. More
Clothing & Accessories
By Nish Nadaraja (Sep 25, 2004)
When was the last time you were excited about cleaning? Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, the founders of locally-based Method, are attempting to change that feeling by transforming mundane necessities like laundry detergent and hand soap into designer commodities. More
Clothing & Accessories
The Deep South in North Beach
By grace chen (Sep 18, 2004)
"Ya'll kin f-i-i-i-nd the South in North Beach." The spirit of all those Emma Kelly's or Betty Lou's breathes heavily in Kristina De Pizzol's three-month young boutique, Delilah Crown, where elegant dresses, versatile handbags, custom note cards, and satiny throw pillows fill this sunny white parlor. More
Clothing & Accessories
Let the Buying Begin
By grace chen (Aug 20, 2004)
San Francisco launches its first fashion week ever at the Palace of Fine Arts from August 26th to August 29th. It is not only the first Fashion Week for this city but also the first to premier its Spring/Summer 2005 collections ahead of the other major fashion cities. Unlike many of the invite-only fashion shows held from the well-established circuits of New York, Paris, London and Milan, San Francisco is opening its event not only to retail buyers but also to the public who have the real purchasing power. More
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