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Clothes and Accessories
Keepin' it Real in the Lower Haight
By Jialin Luh (Nov 23, 2006)
On the corner of Haight and Steiner in a space previously occupied by drum and bass record shop The Compound and subsequently Future Primitive, newcomer Lower Hater brings distinctive flavor for all facets of the motley neighborhood and beyond. At once a clothing, housewares and furniture boutique cum art gallery, Lower Hater blends elements of hip hop to punk rock, classy to edgy, and retro to modern in a spot-on collection of goods that must be recognized as pieces of art. More
Clothes and Accessories
Start Early...
By Jialin Luh (Nov 6, 2006)
Though weíve barely just survived Halloween, stores are already inundated with ďholidayĒ imagery and displays. I was in Target a few weeks ago and they were already selling Christmas socks! If you would rather avoid the crowds (Black Friday sales and fighting over the last PS3 console -- no thanks) and instead find unique gifts to bring that warming smile to your recipient, here are a few ideas to get you started. More
Clothes and Accessories
Fashion Thatís Frankly Appealing
By Michelle Sieling (Sep 28, 2006)
Youíd have to admit that San Francisco isnít the fashion capital of the United States, but San Franciscans have their own great style and there are loads of local designers here currently creating unique clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, itís unlikely you have the time to track down all of them down in the cityís boutiques. Other than discovering these treasures in local shops, you have to rely heavily on annual holiday sample sales to see their latest wares. But thereís a company called Appel & Frank that brings them all in one place for you. More
Clothes and Accessories
Toys that Arenít Just for Kids
By Jialin Luh (Sep 21, 2006)
For most locals, North Beach is probably not the first neighborhood to come to mind for shopping; it means braving the tourists and sidling past the strip joints. But there are a few gems that could motivate the savvy shopper to venture that way, and Double Punch is definitely one of them. More
Clothes and Accessories
Lingerie and Other Treats
By Jialin Luh (Sep 7, 2006)
Across the street from Box Dog Bikes on 14th at Guerrero is the lovely boutique and gallery Porcelynne, where shoppers can find sweet lingerie along with unique clothing and jewelry, all handmade. This boutique showcases local designers, and many of the items here are one of a kind and unique to anything you will find in other boutiques. More
Clothes and Accessories
Big Fun for Vegans and Not-Vegans
By Jialin Luh (Sep 1, 2006)
You donít have to be vegan to appreciate the wares offered by Little Otsu, a cheery shop on Valencia that specializes in sweatshop-free, vegan products, though you may leave with a welcome conscious scrutiny of your lifestyle and buying habits. With the plethora of cute, affordable ethically produced goods at hand, itís easy to question why we bother with goods that are made any other way. More
Clothes and Accessories
Shopping For The Gift That Gives Twice
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 18, 2006)
A couple weeks ago, as I walked down Castro Street, my eye was drawn to two skateboards in a shop window, one blue and one green, both with a simple white Hawaiian floral pattern. I stopped and scanned the front window display of a modern home wares and gifts store. I was hooked. Iíve been getting my hair cut at a salon near this store, Under One Roof on Castro Street near 18th Street, for the past year, but somehow I had passed by without ever noticing it before. Iím not sure how that is possible, but itís true. A place like this should not be ignored. More
Clothes and Accessories
International local exposure
By Jialin Luh (Aug 10, 2006)
Fabric8 -- the immaculately and whimsically furnished brick and mortar store -- opened in January of this year, evolving from an online-only boutique that has been in operation for the last ten years. Store proprietors Olivia Ongpin and Anthony Quintal created Fabric8 in 1995 to showcase local designers and bring them global exposure. Their offerings include collectible art, clothing, home furnishings, vinyl records, toys and other knick-knacks all with a flavorful spin. Most of the designers are either local or used to be, and many of the products are limited edition. More
Clothes and Accessories
Celebrate Bastille Day in Style
By Jialin Luh (Jul 13, 2006)
Celebrate Bastille Day in San Franciscoís very own French Quarter -- corner, that is -- on the corner of Clement between 3rd and Arguello in the Richmond. For today only, custom leather work boutique April in Paris is offering its first ever 10% discount on all leather merchandise in the store. Today and through the weekend, French home dťcor boutique Peche Mignon and baby/childrenís boutique Jean et Marie will be offering clearance sales. Joining in the celebration for today only, renowned French restaurant Clementine is offering three dinner specials and a complimentary glass of champagne with order of one of the specials. More
Clothes and Accessories
Thinking tailored shirts? Think Pink.
By Michelle Sieling (May 25, 2006)
Being partial to patronizing small local-owned businesses, I wasnít so sure about visiting the London-based Thomas Pink store on Post Street, makers of finely tailored menís shirts. However, I had been told by one of my co-workers that it was one of the best places to go for this kind of thing. More
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