Chico Trujillo (Chile), Bang Data, & DJ Juan Data

Wed Mar 9, 2011
Elbo Room
$10 - $12
Latin Music, Music


Chilean-based Chico Trujillo blends elements of ska, cumbia and reggae to reinvigorate the Colombian cumbia with a Chilean punk edge. Chico Trujillo started as an offshoot of punk/Ska band LaFloripondio in 1999. Ten years and four albums later, the offshoot has come to symbolize a uniquely Chilean cocktail. One that is rooted in the cumbias of the pre-Pinochet days and manages to incorporate every aspect of Chile’s popular culture. They have meshed bits and pieces of Chile’s fragemented past with the global influence of alternative culture and merged it all under the pan-latin banner of Cumbia.

Bang Data’s music can be defined as electro-acoustic rhythms mixed with slick melodic guitar, gritty synth and bass with Deuce Eclipse’s bilingual rhymes and melodies. The band comes from the Bay Area, and offers its audience a futuristic vision of the Latin alternative experience, delivering a sensational gig every time. Bang Data’s sound is a mash-up of styles combining hints of reggae, hip hop and rock.

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  1. Elbo Room
    647 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA