Sat Apr 19, 2014
Manor West
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CHEMISTRY SATURDAYS ft. DJ SCENE with opening set from J TRIP
Saturday, April 19th

Saturdays at Manor West are absolute MADNESS! The Bay Area’s funnest party crowd and the industry’s biggest DJs come together to create the best vibes of in the City. If you’re quick enough, RSVP on the GUEST LIST to get yourself FREE entry before 11pm!

It’s easy to delineate most deejays into certain categories: The scratch-happy battle types, the commercially-minded radio guys, the shaman leading his flock at the club with a steady barrage of anthems. Scene is the rare person who has done all of the above, as well as produce his own music just as adeptly as spinning someone else’s. The Seattle-bred musician has spent most of his time mastering every facet of deejaying. With residencies at some of the top clubs across the nation, a podcast series that reaches 350,000+ subscribers, a weekly radio show and a string of classic mixes under his belt, Scene has become one of the most sought-after deejays in the country.

Enthralled by the grunge era that would dominate his city in the 1990s, Scene started as a drummer for various local rock bands, groups long on talent but not exactly warm to Scene’s other love: turntables. Listening to a lot of hip-hop — Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang — Scene wanted to add scratching as another percussive element, but the bands all vetoed the idea. He eventually decided to become a one-man band.

Shifting his musical focus from drums to decks, the fledgling deejay became obsessed with his newfound instrument, playing house parties anywhere he could while simultaneously perfecting his skills as a battle deejay. After watching Roc Raida win the DMC Championship in 1995, he saw a whole new level his craft had achieved. In 2002, Scene won the Northwest DMC Championship.

As weeks of practice became months, Scene’s name held an increasing amount of sway in the area. He became a fixture at Yo Son!, a popular weekly residency that Rolling Stone called “one of the country’s top parties,” spinning open-format before the genre even had a name. From clubs Scene expanded into radio, mixing live 5 nights a week while also pre-recording weekly mixes for XM Radio 67. No stranger to production — Scene’s been crafting his own music since those first turntables over a decade ago — the producer has released two volumes of his popular 2080s series, a whirlwind mix of hip-hop and dance blended with classic tracks from the 1980s. In addition, the ubiquitous deejay currently holds down a weekly mix show every Saturday on WILD 94.9 FM in San Francisco.

Scene’s high energy, seamless transitions, and unique style have made him a national name — a crowd favorite in clubs from Vegas to the Atlantic City boardwalk.


  1. Manor West
    750 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA