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Casey Abrams (solo)

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and American Idol finalist (season 10)

Wed Aug 28, 2013
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Singer/Songwriter, Music, Pop


21-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and American Idol finalist Casey Abrams, proves he is here to stay with his self-titled debut album on Concord Records.

Casey, co-wrote sang played bass, acoustic guitar, drums, Wurlitzer and even recorder. Casey Abrams opens with the finger-snapping cool of Simple Life, affirming theres a genuine artist at work here. Ghosts and Get Out, prove Caseys capability as a contemporary songwriter, Wore Out My Soul shows his R&B balladeer chops and he makes musical mini-movies on both Great Bright Morning and Midnight Girl.

Blame It On Me features Caseys soulful bass line and vocal agility. Romantic desire is made sexy on A Boy Can Dream, and he delivers a vocal tour de force on Dry Spell. To cap the disc, Abrams pays homage to Ray Charles on Hit The Road Jack performed as a slinky duet with fellow Idol contestant Haley Reinhart (produced by Steve Jordan).

Casey Abrams story is that of a born natural, but its also the story of a person who studied diligently and worked extremely hard, striving toward his dream of a life in music. He was born in Austin, Texas to professionally accomplished, extraordinarily creative parents. Caseys mother, Pamela Pierce, a screenwriter and teacher, also plays piano and sings. His father, Ira Abrams currently teaches at Idyllwild Arts Academy, the distinguished private school in the mountains above Palm Springs, California that proved instrumental in shaping Caseys musical life. The walls of Caseys childhood home resonated with, the music of the 1950s and 60s, he states. Even then, he was hearing those blues riffs and little things that make a song what it is.

The incredible exposure to the entire range of timeless popular music had an intense influence on Caseys development. He waxes rhapsodically about jazz icons like Oscar Peterson and Thelonious Monk and the one song that really changed me: Cannonball Adderleys version of Autumn Leaves, Miles plays on it. Thats just a small part of his inspiration. He lists James Taylor, Freddie Mercury, AC/DC and even Jack Black as major influences.

Abrams tried out for American Idol in Austin. I had a heart attack when they chose me, Casey recalls. I was like: this is the ticket. As soon as I got that foot in the door I knew I could make it. I was so happy.

Not too long afterwards, Abrams found himself in London recording his debut album. It was the best experience, so fun, he enthuses of being in London, working with producer Martin Terefe, whose credits include Jason Mraz, Train (the hit Soul Sister), Mary J Blige, KT Tunstall, a-ha, James Morrison, Martha Wainwright, Cat Stevens, Jamie Cullum and others. I walked to work every morning to Kensaltown Studios, an amazing workshop filled with musicians, writers and producers. I buzzed the big green door, went up three flights of stairs into the room with the big green couches and just chilled. It didnt feel like I was making an album, just having a good time, hanging out and making and writing music with friends. Londons just such a creative place.

Casey Abrams reflects the organic creativity he found with his collaborators and the ensuing natural ease that was a hallmark of making it. Even though his prodigious artistic gifts and widescreen creative vision augur many great things in the future, his ambition at heart remains very simple. I want to make music that people love. And so he has on his first album, and will continue to do for some time to come.

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