Capital Cities

Sun Dec 15, 2013
The Fillmore
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Production duo Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian make up the core of Capital Cities, an emerging L.A.-based band that writes shamelessly catchy, intelligent electro/pop tunes. Although a new band, you've probably already heard their music through their day job as a successful commercial composing team writing for the likes of “Big Home Improvement Corporation,” “Giant Japanese Auto Maker” and “Multi-National Telecommunications Conglomerate.”

Performing as a three piece with guitarist Nick Merwin, their live show is crafted to make the terminally awkward dance and the cynically cultured say, “That was actually pretty good."

Introducing Jeffrey Jerusalem, the West Coast's next hot-shit producer, performer, and remixer. The high-energy moniker of Portland, Oregon's Jeff Brodsky, Jeffrey Jerusalem delivers ecstatic rhythms, and primitive bliss as part of his multimedia lifestyle. As a producer, Jerusalem's music combines playful, lo-fi bedroom disco—characteristic of Portland's dance scene—with the top shelf techno-craftsmanship of his peers at DFA.


A lifelong musician, and producer, the 25-year-old Brodsky has adapted his meticulous home-studio aesthetic into a schizophrenic, postmodern circus of a live show that has been catching a lot of attention on the West Coast in 2009. While many electronic performers are content to stand behind a computer, or some array of samplers and drum machines, Jerusalem's shows deliver a spasmodic and hilarious combination of aneurism-inducing falsettos, virtuosic percussion, and a frenzied array of improvised sampling and digital manipulation in the course of a 30 minute performance. With a well received full-length available on Lasercave Records, a string of high-profile remixes, and a slew of EPs in the works, this talent is poised to be that next populist link between club culture and DIY punk attitude.



  1. The Fillmore
    1805 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA