Fri Jul 17, 2015
1015 Folsom
$20 - $95
Hip Hop, Music
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Cameron Giles, better known worldwide as the Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum-selling rapper Camíron, is one of the few artists in hip-hop who has managed to remain relevant for nearly as long as the music has existed. Born and raised in Harlem, Camíron epitomizes the unmatched entrepreneurial spirit of the neighborhood between the 110th and 155th blocks of Upper Manhattan, having successfully tackled the roles of hip-hop artist, director, actor, screenwriter, designer, and entrepreneur with finesse. He is the de facto leader and founding member of The Diplomats, arguably one of the most influential crews in hip-hop, that has left an indelible mark on the style, language, and swagger of both New York City and hip-hop culture.

Camíron is undoubtedly one of the greatest anti-heroes in hip-hop: heís the man who spawned a thousand memes, drove an unmistakable ďLaffy TaffyĒ Range Rover, wore head-to-toe pink mink in the 2002 Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week, told Anderson Cooper he wouldnít snitch on a hypothetical serial killer neighbor, humiliated Bill OíReilly on his own show, closed out Mark McNairy's runway show wearing custom Dipset capes, and whose face unofficially re-appropriated on everything from orthopedic shoes to Valentineís Day cards. Camíron is truly one of a kind, a paradoxical living legend in pop culture whose point of view as hysterical as it is harrowing and accessible as it is absurd. Unapologetic and unstoppable, Killa Cam is back with a vengeance.


  1. 1015 Folsom
    1015 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA