Tastemaker Live and Sean Healy Present


Sat Feb 16, 2013
$22 - $45
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9PM // 21+ w/ Valid ID

Why am I workin’ here
It ain’t workin’ here, it ain’t worth it here
I’m never gone persevere

Cam’ron’s “I Hate My Job,” paints the perfect picture of the frustrated everyman, the struggling every woman. As soon as the viral video for “I Hate My Job” leaked, it struck a chord with fans in search of hip-hop they could actually relate to. This is Cam’ron the Realist.

But after being the most elusive rapper on the planet for almost two years, it’s ironic justice that Harlem’s own Cam — full-length fur coats, diamond flooded, blue Lamborghini Cam— would return to the spotlight with the new theme song for the 2009 state of mind.

“I knew I wanted to speak on the things my people are really going through,” says Cam’ron. “It’s not like they don’t know I can speak on getting fly. But I never lose touch with the streets, and those everyday stories need to be told just like the ones about the hustlers and the gangsters.”

It’s this ability to speak to such different audiences that has kept Cam’ron one of hip-hop’s biggest cult favorites for over 11 years in the game. And on his 6th major release, Crime Pays, Cam’ron gives his fanatic following exactly what they want…unapologetic, gimmick-free street raps. Besides the blue-collar angst of “I Hate My Job,” Cam brings his twisted wit on songs like “Bottom of the P---y Hole,” and his cinematic street sense on “I Used to Get It In Ohio,” and “Cookin’ Up.” No features and no filler, Crime Pays is Cam’s past and present coming full circle.

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