À Côté

5478 College Ave, Oakland , CA
(510) 655-6469
Mon-Tue (5:30-10)
Wed-Thu (5:30-11)
Fri-Sat (5:30-Midnight)
Sun (5:30-10)
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À Côté was established in 1845 by the French culinary experimenter and renowned magician Gerard DePue Le Onion. With a vast open space in an adjacent lot on College Avenue in Le RockRidge he opened a cute little wine bar with one long table and a couple bottles of wine. Poof! A restaurant was born.

In the year 2001, À Côté was acquired by two able Americans with a taste for French wines and a love of the long table. They quickly augmented the single long table with one very long wine bar, and lots of smaller tables, and thus were able to create a situation where lots could actually enjoy the great drinks and eats available therein. This situation was most joyous, and is the way we find the restaurant now. Le Onion occassionally visits in the spiritual sense, you can tell by the French Onion vapor that wafts in from time to time.

So À Côté finds itself right next door to the current Le Rockridge shops and restaurants.