Burning Man presents...


Flambe Lounge art salon & mixer!

Sat Mar 2, 2013
Public Works
7pm- 3am
$15 - $20
Experimental Music, Clubs, Other Clubs, Music


Burning Man presents…BURNAL EQUINOX 2013 Flambe Lounge art salon & mixer! 

Saturday, March 2rd!

7pm to 3am
@ Public Works
161 Erie Street, SF, CA 94103 (between Division & 14th St. in the Mission)
21+ over venue
$20; just $15 with donation of art supplies for Hospitality House art program (*see needed supplies below)
Dress: Anything from Abacus to Cyber-Absurd!
Come @ 7pm for our special ROBOT Happy Hour mix-a-thon with $4 beer and $5 thematic drink specials!

Art • Music • Performance * Theme Camps * Video Artistry * Technology * You!

Burnal Equinox is our first community salon and mixer of the year and we look forward to YOUR participation! Ramp up your Radical Self-Expression and join a wide variety of performers, artists, theme camps and friends at this creative salon to encourage arts collaboration in the Bay Area.

Participating Artists and Performers Include:

Airpusher, Angela Mae, Burning Man Project, CelloJoe, C SkwaReD - Graphite into Bio-mechanics & Live Airbrush Painting, Danny Macchiarini & The Dragon Smelter Crew, Deep Dimension, Dex Stakker, DJ Kelly, Fou Fou HA!, Ghost Town Gospel, Heart Touch with Keno Mapp, Hydrah, i can dress myself, KALYXSF, Mz. K, Natalie Rhea, Neon Bunny, Nick Black, noaccordion, Playa Info, ROBOT, SanedracHunter, Sensoree, Shovelman, Serin – Ovo, Therese Hockel – Live Painting, Tim Thompson – Space Pallette, XZIST, Zenotope, and MANY MORE!

Visuals by: Burning Man VJ Team, including Celestine Star, Rainbow Puddles & more!


Through a multitude of technological devices we have expanded our sense of what is real, what is possible, how we relate and what we find gratifying. We can text one another instantaneously across oceans, meet and converse online with groups of strangers at any given moment about the trajectory of asteroids, express our opinions to political leaders via e-mail, and expand our social network of “friends” seemingly without limit! We watch reality shows about all kinds of people and realities; and create better virtual versions of ourselves as we fly through the Interwebs in enhanced real-time. Miraculous devices have become so ingrained in who we are, how we work, think and relate that we could not imagine life without them or the immediacy and satisfaction they offer. And why would we?! Technology is SAVING our economy and way of life, even as it reinvents everything!

It is magic AND salvation! Or is it an addictive form of social euphoria? Maybe both.

We encourage you to embody and interpret this theme as you feel inspired, to bring some form of technology—whether an eggbeater or a mainframe; and merge with Technology to create a living altar to technologies – past, present and future!

…And if we can’t save the day, well…at least we’ll make a good night of it!

So, whether you come as a GIZMOpolitan, a GADJETarian, a Technopheliac…or skip all the BITS and BYTES and come as you truly are—we look forward to seeing you and creating a most unusual immersive social environment TOGETHER!

More info and schedules to be posted at:


*ART SUPPLIES TO BRING FOR DISCOUNT: Supplies especially needed are watercolor brushes and paints, watercolor 140’ paper, quality marker sets, canvases, working sewing machines with all necessary parts included, and craft and jewelry supplies. These materials are provided to homeless and poor artists as a means of self-expression and economic support. Thank you for your generosity!

Interested in using this event to share your artistry or find creative collaborators for your projects? email: flambelounge@burningman.com



  1. Public Works
    161 Erie Street , San Francisco, CA