Bullets and Bikinis: Three by Andy Sidaris

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Andy Sidaris, who passed away in 2007, was a gifted independent filmmaker who came up with an endlessly entertaining and always profitable formula and used it for decades: buxom women, gunplay, and exotic locales. But before the B-movies, Sidaris was a true pioneer in sports television. He directed hundreds of football, basketball and Olympic Games, and won seven Emmys. His best-known work was with ABC’s Wide World of Sports; he was the show's first director, and continued in that post for 25 years. We present this rare opportunity to see three of his key works from the ’80s, projected on 35mm film.

Savage Beach
Thu, Oct 25, 7:30pm
Donna and Taryn, two female government agents, are transporting a vaccine and forced to land their plane on a remote island that houses more than just palm trees and sandy beaches. A sunken WWII ship containing a fortune in gold is there, and our agents are soon caught in the crossfire as warring factions battle it out over the treasure. Savage Beach was one of Sidaris’ biggest box-office hits. (1989, 92 min, 35mm)

Sat, Oct 27

Hard Ticket to Hawaii
A Hawaiian drug kingpin plans to flood the islands with narcotics financed by illegal diamond shipments to his private retreat. When his henchmen kill two DEA agents who were trying to stop him, the Agency sends in two of its best agents (yep, Donna and Taryn again), to break up the drug ring and take out the leader. As you might have guessed, much absurd and sexy mayhem ensues. (1987, 96 min, 35mm)

Picasso Trigger
In this semi-sequel to Hard Ticket to Hawaii, agent Picasso Trigger is killed by arch-criminal Miguel Ortiz, and the Agency decides to send a trio of female agents out with the task of bringing Ortiz down. The agents must use all of their skills, specialized weaponry and their considerable physical attributes in order to track down Trigger’s heinous killer. (1988, 99 min, 35mm)


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) Screening Room
701 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA
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    701 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA