4th annual

Bud E. Luv Christmas

Sun Dec 25, 2005
Red Devil Lounge - CLOSED
8 PM
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Bud E. Luv is Back! Born in Chicago, Luv was named after his father Bud "the brute" Euripides Luvalopolis who brought him to the bright lights of Las Vegas in hopes to improve their fortunes. One night at the Riviera while senior Luvalopolis was washing the dishes, Bud E. Luv Jr. was doing a little show for the kitchen staff. As Luv Jr. was finishing up his closing number, a cat named Milton Berle introduced himself. Realizing that Bud Euripides Luvalopolis, Jr. was a great singer and entertainer, "Uncle Miltie" sprang into action. After suggesting that he shorten his name to Bud E. Luv, Berle immediately arranged to put this 6 year old discovery in his nightclub act. The rest, as they say, is history.


  1. Red Devil Lounge - CLOSED
    1655 Polk St, San Francisco, CA