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Fri Jun 20, 2008
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FRIDAY | JUNE 20 | 2008


Featuring the West Coast DEBUT & Album Release Event of World Renowned Breakbeat Artists:

SPLITLOOP (Against the Grain | Sinister Recordings | Ireland, UK)

DJ Mag's "Album of the Issue!"

Splitloop's forthcoming album 'Pleasure Machine' is going to cement their position at the top of the breaks scene, and bring them a whole host of new fans too due to its crossover potential. Phil and Bren admit to exploring other musical avenues since the last album, and this broadening of horizons has had a profound influence on the Splitloop sound; "You can't be looking only to the breaks scene to get inspiration for your music," reckons Bren. "That would just be a ridiculous feedback loop".

"We're at an age where we really just wanted to make music we thought was really good and moving our sound forward, not worrying about what anyone else would think."

Dipping their toes into other styles of electronic music has certainly paid off for the guys. 'Pleasure Machine' has a velvety sheen, touching on modern sexy D. Ramirez-type electro-house, juddery Justice riddims, old skool electro, bleepy Trickyesque bizness, speak 'n' spell robotica and a hell of a lot more. There's a consistency to their sound that glazes the whole album - sexy electronic dance music that'll be rocking floor from Brighton to Beijing.

Accumulating all the tools to soundtrack a fantastic night out, the Splitloop guys have set the dials for pleasure. The touring that's going to be accompanying this album is going to bring them into contact with a whole new set of pleasure-seeking individuals set for a collective experience of orgasmic electronic dance music. But where did the 'Pleasure Machine' idea come from? Is it a sex toy? A Wilhelm Reich invention to rival his Orgone Energy Accumulator? What?

"The basic premise came from a tune we were writing," outlines Bren. "We wanted a robotic vocal bouncing off a female vocal. The first word that came to mind for the robot was 'machine', and the first thing that came to mind when thinking of a relationship between women and machines was 'pleasure' - if you know what I mean! That became the vocal of the tune, and it seemed like a good concept so we doubled it up as the album title as well."

Breakbeat has all too often been weighed in favour of blokes. As many women as men are going to be into 'Pleasure Machine', though: you just know by its kick-ass yet funky electro-breaks feel. The album is sure to elevate them above the traditional breakbeat acts and into a whole new realm, and the guys are excited about what the future has in store.

Splitloop are the group who, infamously, met on the bus in Ireland going to a Prodigy gig back in the day. Finding they had more in common than just a love of Liam Howlett's beats, Phil and Bren formed an enduring partnership that's rocketed them high into the breakbeat premier league. Naming themselves after one of their first productions together, the guys started making a name for themselves with early releases on the acclaimed Sinister label. It was the 'KFC' release on Against The Grain, Krafty Kuts' label, that really made their name on the breaks scene, though, and led to them signing to the leading breakbeat label that also boasts The Freestylers, Deekline & Wizard, Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought and more. Phil is philosophical about their early career. "Our first studio had a broken toilet, so everything smelled like wee," he remembers. "We could never afford monitors 'cos all our money went on pills and beer. As soon as we gave up pills, we bought monitors and got signed. Lesson learned, kiddies."

Their 'Here On Business' album, released in late 2005, garnered acclaim in DJ, Mixmag and i-DJ and pretty much rounded up where they were at. A snapshot of their top-notch productions, it was nominated in the Best Album category at the annual Breakspoll awards. The guys also received a Best Producer nomination as well for good measure.

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